Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask (b.liv by Cellnique) Review

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hello! Since 2014 started, I have had a lil bit of infatuation towards face masks. Not the one that you wear during haze or surgical masks mind you :p I have won and bought and redeemed quite a lot of masks, but I only have one face to put on all these things so yeah, the rate of finishing them is no faster than a snail's pace. Today I'd like to share with you all about one mask that I have been loving so much all these while, which is Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask from b.liv by Cellnique.
This mask came in a 50ml tube. Nothing fancy about the packaging and dispenser, it has a clean, minimalism and professional look to it. The mask has something like a thick cream consistency. It is also heavily packed with tiny granules thus giving Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask a scrub property as well. As for the smell, I found it rather divine and pleasing to my nose. It has a sweet, fruity scent that is not too much or sickly sweet. It is just nice for me, which is a huge factor of why I have been reaching for this mask every week.
"This exfoliating mask scrubs away flaws and imperfections, and brings out a noticeable smoothness and glow to your complexion.

Glow and Shine deeply exfoliates damaged, scarred or unhealthy skin, to reveal the smooth, flawless complexion lurking within. It also lightens and brightens the dull and uneven-toned face, to make one's inner glow and shine rise to the surface."

According to its instruction, Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask is to be used once a week. I usually use this as a treatment during "me time" before sleep. I will slather a thick layer of Glow and Shine over my face and neck after cleansing my face. We are required to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, and avoid from masking your eyes and lips area as the skin there is rather delicate. Upon application, there is a cool, minty feel on my skin that lasts till the mask is partially dry. Sometimes I went overboard, watching a movie or reading a book or simply fell asleep while waiting for the advised time, but fret not as the mask is not easy to dry unless you have a fan directly spinning in front of you. When cleansing it off, I wet my face with water and start massaging the mask away while enjoying the scrubbing feel thanks to its little granules.
I found that this mask gave me an instant brightening effect. It also really gave me a smooth feeling on my skin upon cleansing. It does not dry to a hard mask on my face either, so smiling and talking while having this on is not a big problem. As I have been using it every week for 2 months, I can say that it does not help minimize my pores but it helps me get an even skin tone. I love how it helps me in exfoliating my skin weekly as I don't have a proper face scrub at the moment (I used up my oat scrub already). It does not sting my skin when applied on blemishes (pimples) and I can see that sometimes, it reduces the redness of my pimples but it does not help in shrinking its size or making pimples disappear, never mind coz Glow and Shine does not claim to help with blemishes. It does not sting my skin, I don't get any adverse reaction on my skin, so I am fairly happy and in love with this mask. I see it as a satisfying pamper treatment to my skin. Nothing over the top, but nothing to hate either. So, if you happen to run out of face masks, and you would love to try something from b.liv by Cellnique, I suggest you try this Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask. Till then!

Product name      : Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask
Brand                     : b.liv by Cellnique
Price                       : RM69.90 (50ml)
Type of product  : Wash-off cream mask
Suitability           : People with large pores problem
Claims                   : Exfoliating + pores reducing + brightening
Where to get       : HiShop Malaysia | HiShop Fb | HiShop Instagram
                                          (Click here for single tube|Click here for box set)

*Disclaimer : This is not a paid review, I am not affiliated and product is not sponsored by the brand. This review is 100% based on my own experience and opinion as a user.

Have you tried any b.liv products? What is your favourite face mask? 
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  1. It sounds great ! Need to get one too !

    1. i recommend you get the box set, berbaloi beli and it is on sale price now ^_^ this Glow and Shine mask is definitely a satisfying item to own!


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