Collection Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream Review

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! As you all might know or might not know yet, Collection Cosmetics has just landed in Malaysia, fresh from UK. So, during the launch event, I managed to play with its Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream. I never owned any matte lip products before. I previously wanted to buy NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream but it is forever out of stock in Sephora, boo! Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream only comes with 4 shades which are 1 brown, 1 nude, 1 pink and 1 coral. As you can see in the image below, during my first encounter with them I only swatched the lip creams on my hand and I did not try them on my lips.
Purposely snapped the concealer's pic as well :p
Since the price is wayyyy cheaper than SMLC, I decided to pick one and see how good this lip cream is. I already have too much coral coloured lip product so I go for shade Cotton Candy 1 which is pink with blue undertone. The packaging of this Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream is cute, it basically has the same cylinder tube like SMLC but it cannot stand on its own as the bottom is rounded and not flat. The cap is matte and has a rubbery feel to it, which I suspect will collect prints. Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream has a standard doe foot applicator.
Application wise, Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream glides smoothly on my lips like a butter product, however there are times that it does not apply uniformly so I sorted it out by patting and spreading the product evenly on my lips by using my finger. Some reviews I read told that they used lip brush to sort this problem and it worked wonders. Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream has a very sweet, butter cake scent to it. It does not annoy me at all as I really love the smell and the scent fades a few minutes after application. 
The pigmentation of this Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream is okay. It is not as opaque on my upper lip as compared to swatches on my hand, but this is acceptable because my upper lip has a darker colour compared to my lower lips. The colour appeared nicely on my lower lips. I've seen reviews by people with very light pink lips, and the colour stands out so well on them, jealous much! I usually put on 2 layer of this product on my lips to get a satisfying and pretty colour payoff. 
As for the moisturizing claim, it does not really have that moisturizing feel but it does not dry out my lips either. The first time I tried this lip cream, I was at home and then I took my afternoon nap. When I woke up 3 hours later, my lips does not feel dry at all and the colour has tinted my lips. Until after I ate, there was still some stain left and my sister asked why I'm wearing lipstick at home, hehe! The next day, I wore it for an outing as you can see in the collage above, I took a selfie while I was in the car. I ate ice-cream and the colour stays, I don't see the need of re-applying for the entire 5 hours outside. However I'd love to advise if you have very dry lips, don't forget to wear clear lip balm first before using any lip creams, as it is better to be safe than sorry ;)

Pros :
  • Its matte finish is awesome and does not dry my lips, does not make my lips flaky
  • Easy to apply
  • Very affordable 
  • Colour payoff is good and buildable
  • Sweet smell
  • Stays well on the lips and left a nice stain gradually
  • Cute packaging, can be easily slipped in your purse or pocket
Cons :
  • Has only 4 shades
  • Some shade might not appear as expected on dark lips
Collection Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream
RM19.90 each
Available at : Selected Watsons and F Block Boutiques only
For more info :

Watsons (Malaysia) outlets that carry Collection Cosmetics :
1. Taman Maluri, Cheras
2. Sungai Wang, KL
4. One Utama Shopping Mall
5. Pavillion, KL
6. JUSCO Seremban 2
7. City Square, JB
8. JUSCO Tebrau City, JB
9. Kinta City, Ipoh
10. Sunway Pyramid

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  1. wahh! NICE..affordable to get as well..
    THUMBS UP mieza ;)

    1. Pika should go and try one, hehe! Saw your reviews on SMLC, boleh la tambah sepupu dia ni, matte lip cream jugak ;) thanks for visiting Pika ^_^

  2. erm i feel the colour very light....mmm but only four shade...i want the NYX butter lip gloss ler!

    1. it looked light coz my lips are dark :p i saw reviews from western bloggers, it appeared very nice on people with pink lips, i envy them! NYX butter gloss, hmm I'm thinking either to get them or not. might as well force someone to belanja me XD

  3. Nice review, still haven't got the chance to go to any Watson yet. Kena carik yg outlet besar baru ada brand ni, klu yg outlet kecik nearby my house very limited brands and i doubt Collection brand will be there.

    1. Kak Mel, Mieza dah update kat box in the post tu which outlet yang ada Collection Cosmetics, nanti ajak la encik hubby pergi makan angin kat mana2 yg paling dekat or paling convenient ;)

  4. Oh and if you find it hard to find certain Nyx items from Sephora you can check out this website too as they're selling it online., i just purchased some Nyx items from them recently and their response is pretty fast, they even include some free items for my purchase.

    1. thanks for the info kak Mel ^_^ *hugs* it has been quite some time i planned to buy from Colours Cosmetics (since I won their flat top foundation brush) but well, plans went haywire and i ended up purchasing other things somewhere else instead XD will keep in mind to stalk them after this!

  5. Nice colour! Fana pun kena dapatkan satu ni. Hehehe.

    1. Fana try la nanti, mesti cantik kat Fana ^_^

  6. Matte! I love matte lip cream~ Yeah, its quiet affordable too :3

    1. this was my first matte lip product and i am so happy with it, with the price tag so cheap I cant help from buying it, hehe!


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