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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^ I hope you all have been to The Body Shop to grab your favourite products from them. I did, and as I explained in my previous post, I couldn't get something that I wanted at the store I visited. So, I went back home and did another small haul from their online site :) Since this is a sale season, they mentioned on the website that delivery might take longer than normal non-sale season purchase. In my mind, I was prepared to wait for at least 7 days before I receive my parcel. However, The Body Shop kinda surprised me as they only took 5 days to process and deliver my purchase. My order was recorded on May 16th, 11pm and I received it today May 21st. Quite fast for sale items, I'm happy! Now let's see what I bought shall we? Don't question why I only bought small items. I am a miniature addict fyi, and I love collecting mini items from The Body Shop :p
1. Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (mini 60ml) | RM 6.45
I randomly bought these because I am not normally a person who is very specific with her makeup removers. I prefer wipes or makeup removers that does it all for the entire face. However, since it is on sale and I've heard many good reviews about the Chamomile makeup remover range, I feel like I wanna try this one (I am itching to get their Camomile Cleansing Butter after reading a review by Paris B.).

2. Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion (mini 60ml) | RM 3.85
I have a complete intolerance level towards dry skin. If I feel that my hands or feet are dry, I will become restless and I can't do anything (can't even sleep) until I get some lotion and slather then all over the dry parts. I have bought a pot of foot scrub from the same range and now I guess is the time to try its lotion. Mini means I can bring it in my bag easily, hehe!

3. Cranberry Joy Lip Balm (full size) | RM 14.95
4. Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm (full size) | RM 14.95
I took both of these cuties because I am a lip balm sucker and all my existing lip balms are in the traditional tube type or in the pot. I never owned anything like this, dome-shaped lip balm yet so when I saw this sold online, I quickly grabbed it. I think my little sister will have fun trying to get one of these from me as she always love to ponder over my makeup stuff and ask if she can try anything XD when she was even younger, she was the one who damaged my makeup =_='' broke my lipstick, broke mom's lipstick, broke my newly bought eyeliner (i went home, put it on my dressing table, went for bath, and came back to see it already broken wtf), and ruin the powder cakes or foundations. Hahahaha younger sisters can be quite troublesome when they were very little XD 

My thoughts on the packaging of parcel 
As you can see, none of the items are bubble wrapped. Thank God none of it spilled or break. I don't mind at all since I received my items in a perfect condition, and the box too did not have any dents on it, hehe! I'm grateful that the liquid items (the foot lotion and the makeup remover) are tightly screwed on its lids. Seeing people receiving their orders (not from Body Shop) in a drenched state and broken/torn boxes made me feel pity for them, thus I always prefer if my items were securely wrapped before being boxed and shipped. This box I received, as you can see, is filled to the brim with fillers so I see that as a good shock absorber. Nevertheless, thanks so much The Body Shop and Rampainiaga for the great service. I've been stalking their fb page to see what others has hauled. I saw many reactions from consumers. Many were happy, some were confused on how to order, why the SA said the opposite thing, and some even cursed due to a few problems. I saw how the fb admins replied to each comments and I shall say, I love the way how they responded. Forgive me if this rant is pointless in your point of view, but as an English language and professional communication major, I see matters like this as an important aspect to determine the success of one's business. After all, retaining their customer's interest and loyalty is important :) oh yes, business admin is my minor as well, hehe!
*Why do I need to mention my major and minor? Actually I miss going to class and I am trying to believe that I'll graduate soon and jump into the working world*

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  1. Ika ingat nk beli online. But a few item already sold out. Too sad lol

    1. i know right, ada yg menyesal tak beli awal2 sbb plan nak beli kat kedai je. pegi kedai xde stok, balik rumah, online, tiba2 dh habis gak.

  2. that lip balms are just so cute. i have an eos one and it's also a dome-shaped kinda lip balm. totally a sucker for cute packaging here. excited to know more about the peppermint foot lotion! <3

    1. i yet to own any EOS lip balms, but I'm eagerly waiting for my best friend to bring it back from UK bila dia balik raya nnt. kalau dia tak bawak balik siap la, hahaha! Yeah sometimes we really wanna get the products because of the packaging kan. Ok ke tidak produk tu blkg citer XD nnt i dah try peppermint foot lotion tu i gtau ^_~


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