Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder Review

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Have you heard of Mineralline? It is a Malaysian brand that carries Mineral Powder Foundation and I can say that it is quite new in the market. Thanks to Essenseri, I was given the opportunity to test 2 shades of Mineralline Advanced Whitening Mineral Foundation Powder. As we are informed, what makes mineral makeup different from conventional makeup is that it contains no talc and no chemicals that are harmful to skin. Some brands claim that with mineral makeup, you can just go to sleep without washing the makeup off your face. What do you think of such bold statement? Have you went to sleep without washing your mineral makeup off? I found some interesting info about mineral makeup here.
First, lets see the packaging of Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder. It comes in a thin matte box, with a circular cut in the middle showing the small pot inside. As shown in the picture, it enables you to see the actual colour of the powder inside according to its colour code. For now, there is only 3 shades available for fair skin tone, natural skin tone and tanned skin tone. Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder claims that it is 100% mineral talc free, has up to 16 hours staying power, a 4-in-1 product, and has SPF 35
The pot is made of plastic, very light and small hence it is never a problem to be carried around in your handbag/makeup pouch. A powder puff is included in the powder pot, so there is no need to spend on a separate puff. The pot of Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder is also equipped with powder sifter to ensure control like all loose powder makeups are equipped with. 
I have with me shade 01 Cherry Blossom and shade 02 Natural Glow. I found that shade 02 Natural Glow suits my skin better. Upon my observation, I can say that Cherry Blossom leans to a pinkish tone while Natural Glow has a natural-yellowish tendency. The swatch I did in the image above was using shade Natural Glow. As you can see, it does make my skin look smoother. It does the same on my face skin and sorry for not pasting my before and after face here :p 
Now we have come to the part where I'm gonna tell you my verdict after months of using this Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder. Firstly, I love this powder so much. It makes my life easier and my makeup affair runs faster when I need to be fast. I usually wear this on its own after moisturizer, I am not usually dedicated in wearing full makeup from base to setting spray, it's too much hassle for me :p When using the powder puff included, I found that it gives sheer coverage, like a barely there makeup but my complexion became obviously softer than not having anything on. However if I happen to have worn a makeup base first, applying Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder on top makes my appearance more polished. 

The powder is very fine and it is a breeze in applying when using the given powder puff. I use a patting motion, and the powder sets without looking patchy as it blends easily. If you don't like the powder puff, you can always use a kabuki brush :) The staying power is quite good too, but I never tested it up to 16 hours coz I will always remove my makeup as fast as I can when I'm done with it. I can say that I wore it at 9am in the morning, and I only need to blot at 2pm using oil blotting film without the need to reapply the powder. I still look fine. I only need to reapply maybe at 5pm, if I need to. 

If you sweat a lot when using this Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder alone, by the time you wanna remove your makeup, only a faint stain will show on the cleansing wipe (as tested by yours truly). Even though it melts away with sweat, it does not make our face look splotchy like having a spot of foundation here and there, no worries!  So, here's my conclusion on Mineralline Mineral Foundation Powder : 

You might also want to look for this info I got from Mineralline facebook page

Product name : Mineralline Mineral Powder Foundation
Price                 : current offer RM25 (normal price RM45)
Quantity          : 6g per box
Shade               : 01 Cherry Blossom, 02 Natural Glow, 03 Tan Temptation
To order          : https://www.facebook.com/mymineralline

Disclaimer : Product was given to me for review consideration. My review and opinions are 100% solely from my personal experience of using it. Please note that result may vary on different individuals, way of application and skin concern. 

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  1. Interesting~ dah la I kaki powder like these these days! Haha XD

  2. Argh, so tempting!!! And murah pula tu while tengah offer :D

    1. give it a try dear ;) I think powders in loose form like this has a lot of uses. if it doesnt work really well in one way, there is always many other ways to make it useful ^_^


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