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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello. Thanks to Hiruscar Malaysia, I was given the opportunity to attend the launch of Hiruscar Beautiful Campaign, a corporate social responsibility campaign where 3 most inspiring people with scar histories were celebrated. The event took place at Blue Zone Boulevard, Publika. We were first welcomed and briefed about Hiruscar and how the product is created to help people with scar problems. Being the only revolutionary scar healing gel in Malaysia, Hiruscar was created with a Swiss formulation to ease and speed up the process of skin recovery. 
Desryne Heng, Senior Product Manager of Hiruscar®, DKSH Malaysia delivering her speech at the launch of the Hiruscar® Beautiful campaign.
Dr Marc Michel Franck, Vice President, Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd presenting a token of appreciation and a Hiruscar hamper to Yang Berbahagia Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan for officiating Hiruscar Beautiful.
The three beautiful individuals selected by Hiruscar for their journey in braving through scar problems are Dr.Ahmad Anas bin Abdul Majid (a burn survivor who got into an accident during performing umrah at Makkah when he was 14 years old), Jenny Pong Seow Chin (an amputee who went into a comatose after she gave birth at the age of 18 and woke up 2 years later with a fact that she will never be able to sit down anymore for the rest of her life), and Keisha Petrus (a Psychology student suffering from Neurofibromatosis type 2 which requires many surgical procedures making her scarred and lose the ability to hear). Keisha however was unable to attend due to her health condition and was represented by her boyfriend Tan Yi Liang. Each of them gave a speech on how they braved through the painful episodes of life, without letting loose of their hope and faith. They were then presented with RM8k each and hampers from Hiruscar. 

Three of Malaysia’s most beautiful and inspiring individuals awarded at the launch of the Hiruscar Beautiful campaign - (Front) Jenny Pong Seow Chin, amputee, (back left) Dr Ahmad Anas bin Abdul Majid, burn survivor, and (back right) Keisha Petrus’ representative and boyfriend Tan Yi Liang, Neurofibromatosis Type 2 patient.
Apart from the inspirational story sharing session, there is also a photography exhibition on the daily lives of the three awardees of Hiruscar Beautiful Campaign, which is displayed at Level G1, Blue Concourse, Publika on April 11. Starting from April 12-20, the exhibition will be at Level G3, Blue Concourse, Publika. The public is invited to view the photography exhibition, so if you're hitting Publika anytime till 20th April, don't forget to spend some time and learn how these inspiring souls can survive and keep going on despite their physical or mental challenges :) 
guests listening to an explanation on the photography exhibition
guests during the event
A quick intro to Hiruscar Gel, it is made with unique Swiss formulation design to help in fast scar recovery process. The clear gel is not greasy, quick-absorbing and film-free thus the application will be straight up easy and non-messy. The claim said that fresh scars will be easily to heal with Hiruscar than old scar, which will require some time. Hiruscar Gel claims to lighten, flatten and smoothen scars effectively, and it also works well on all types of scars. For more information, visit Hiruscar Gel Malaysia facebook page :) 

p/s : I might come up with a testimonial review since I happen to have one fresh scar on my arm, thanks to the furniture I scratched my delicate hand on. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey! I was there at the event! Thought I was the only blogger there. Could have sit together. haha. btw awesome write up! :D

    1. Hi Jessy, I thought I saw you but you were with a friend, hehe! Thanks for dropping by, hope we can meet at other events ^_^

  2. time clash so didn't make rvsp go.

    nice write up :D

    1. aww sherry, next time i hope we can meet again ya :) thank you for visiting ^_^


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