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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Say welcome to COLLECTION COSMETICS, the most colourful cosmetics brand from UK upon its arrival to our Malaysian shore ^_^ yes darling, stop admiring at "Obama is here!" and focus on COLLECTION okay? :p For your information, COLLECTION has been in the cosmetics field for more than 25 years and they are always supporting women who are very experimental and keen to play with colours. Celebrating high street trends as their inspiration in producing cosmetic products, COLLECTION does not only come with a reasonable price tag, but their products too are indeed colourful and thus, leading to their brand essence of "Work The Colours". 
I was lucky to attend the product launching event for COLLECTION Cosmetics which was held at the Grand Duchess @ Fraser Place. The place, the setting, and the event itself was very grand and colourful, making me glad to be part of their launching event ^_^ Upon registration, guests were given a goodie bag, media kit and a redemption card. I found that we could use that card to redeem some COLLECTION cosmetic products, yeayy!!  
I had so much fun exploring the fresh, newly arrived products of COLLECTION cosmetics firsthand. My attention was automatically directed towards its Cream Puff Matte Finish Lip Cream (RM19.90) and Lasting Perfection Concealer (RM19.90) because I recognized these 2 items from my blogwalking to UK beauty blogger's blog. Apparently, Lasting Perfection Concealer is a HG concealer for most UK/US beauty bloggers due to its outstanding performance and pocket-friendly price. I even found 1 review here that claimed  COLLECTION's Lasting Perfection Concealer as a dupe to NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, so, I'm definitely going to get this at Watsons!
Among the products from COLLECTION that will be sold here in Malaysia
1. Glam Crystal Glitter Eyeliner (RM22.90) | 2. Work The Colour Eyeshadow Pencil (RM24.90) | 3. Smokey Eyes Eye Palette (RM33.90)
1. Bright & Glow BB Compact (RM35.90) | 2. Hotlights Lipgloss (RM24.90) | 3. Shimmer Shades (RM29.90) available in 2 shades
This is the lipgloss that catches my attention during the launch. Hotlights Lipgloss came with a built-in light inside its cap and when you apply the lip gloss on your lips, the lights will shine directly onto your lips so, touching up in total darkness will never be a problem. Brilliant isn't it? It too came with a built-in mirror on the side of the tube so if there is no mirror around you won't even have to worry ;) 
Seeing this Cream Puff Matte Finish Lip Cream reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I never owned both of these so I do not know how they performs. However, I really love the fact on how smooth it glides when I swatched the colours on my hand (as you can see above) and the smell is so sweet it practically reminds me of cream puffs! I definitely cannot wait to check COLLECTION Cosmetics stand at Watsons One Utama and get one or two Cream Puff Matte Finish Lip Cream! (full review here)
1. A brief interview about Collection Cosmetics | 2. Emcee hosting the event | 3. Mr. Mario Salatori (Executive VP of LF Asia) giving his speech
So, I hope my post is beneficial to you all and I also hope that you guys too cannot wait to get your hands on COLLECTION Cosmetics ^_^ They are available at all F Block boutiques and Watsons pharmacies at major shopping malls in Malaysia (I noticed that for now they're only in KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johore). I also hope that they will always have their stands fully stocked as I believe they'll be quite a hit in Malaysia ^_^ 

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Watsons (Malaysia) outlets that carry Collection Cosmetics :
1. Taman Maluri, Cheras
2. Sungai Wang, KL
4. One Utama Shopping Mall
5. Pavillion, KL
6. JUSCO Seremban 2
7. City Square, JB
8. JUSCO Tebrau City, JB
9. Kinta City, Ipoh
10. Sunway Pyramid

So, is there anything you'd like to try from COLLECTION Cosmetics? 
Share with me ^_^

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  1. so happy dapat jumpa u that day!!and thanks for accompanying me sesat di parking!!hahaha

    1. seronok dapat jumpa u juga Cindy ^_^ ohh that turun naik tangga was a good exercise, dont worry! hehe

  2. Prices are not bad :o quite reasonable~

  3. Oh my goodness the collection looks so good! The cream puff matte finish lip creams is quite similar to NYX but the colors look amazing! Maybe it's time for me to run down to Watsons and have a look - hopefully it won't be sold out though <3

  4. go fastttt!!! the concealer cepat habis, i cant get the shade suitable with my skin tone (T_T)

  5. Hi miss, may i know is Collection still available in those Watson store? thankyouuu


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