Windows Phone Picture Diary #1

Monday, March 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I just feel like writing something but my drafted reviews are no closer than done so I scavenged into my mom's phone for images to share here. This is very random and I'm doing this coz I really love the image quality by this Lumia 920. Since I lost my camera in a robbery last December, I am in no state of getting myself a new one, and I have to borrow my friend's camera when I'm in KL or use my mom's phone when I'm in Melaka, taking pictures for product reviews. Very sad truth but what else I can do since my financial condition is not that stable yet. Okay, let's see the pictures I took. Most of it are things that I love or portrays a significant value in my life. 
1. Pic taken using Sony Xperia L, filtered. These are the top 3 choices of spectacles that Tammy and I chose for my prize. It was sponsored by Essilor and in the end, we chose the bottom spectacle. I really love it, so comfy and I believe that it helps in my self-confidence as well ^_^ I love the camouflage-like pattern too, coz among my dreams is to join the army :p (can't blame anyone, it's in my gene. half of my family members are in the army, navy and air-force. My late grandpa was in the British Army)
2. Pic taken using Lumia 920. These books are my favourite, The Septimus Heap Series. It tells about a magical world, and the plot is much easier to understand than Harry Potter. A very simple story to be understood even by primary school children. I acquired half of them through Bookxcess sale at Pesta Buku 1 Malaysia and another half of them using my BB1M.
 3. Pic taken using Lumia 920. That Olay Professional Pro-X has been in my care for a year. My friend Talhah helped me to buy it from UK since he's studying there. A few months later the same product arrived at Malaysian shore with a different name, hah! It helped my skin well, though sometimes zits popped up like nobody's business when I'm too lazy to properly care for my skin, or my unbalanced hormones messed up everything during that time of the month. As for the Dove body wash, it is my current favourite now, I got it from Dove School of Skindulgence event with The Butterfly Project. This body wash is too good it successfully wiped off my OCD towards anti-bacterial body wash. Wanna know how awesome Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture is? Check out what my fellow beauty blogger pal Anfaal has to say about it ^_^
4. Pic taken using Lumia 920. This Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder was purchased from HiShop as an alternative to Mario Badescu set that I've been eyeing but too expensive for my pocket =_='' It worked wonders! The only cons is that 16ml is too little for daily use (those zits on my face at that time was very stubborn and need to be taken care of daily). It lasts for exactly one month when applied every night. It does not sting, it does not peel my skin. I will purchase it again from my favourite beauty shop, HiShop Malaysia :)
5. Pic taken using Lumia 920. This is my pet cat named Bob. My family adopted him when he was very small and very skinny. He is now close to his first birthday I guess, and has grown to a very healthy, fat cat. He does not meow unless he is hungry. He loves human food more than cat food. A very mischievous creature, Bob loves to play in 'tudung saji', in a basket, and another hobby of him is pouncing on my mother's feet, resulting to an ear-splitting shriek from her. 
6. Pic taken using Lumia 920. Here is Bob again. Lately he has been sleeping a lot. He sleeps all day long from morning till evening, only active at night where he went outside and catch any poor bird that got into his way. Naughty Bob! He does not really fight with other cats, I think he's a bit of a cowardly male cat. When another cat came chillaxing at the shoe rack outside my house, Bob wouldn't dare to step a foot past the grill. He will sit outside the grill, usually in the basket of my dad's antique bicycle. When I open the door calling his name, he will quickly jump inside the house while meowing like nobody's business. I believe that he is telling me "why don't you open the door earlier? I have been waiting for hours, I am afraid of that grey cat, he took my napping place on the shoe rack and I was damn scared sitting in the basket outside". 
7. Pic taken using Lumia 920. These books are my latest catch. I got that Women of A Dangerous Age and Web Design Handbook from Bookxcess, helping my friend to fully use his book voucher. The other two books I got from Popular bookstore using my own book voucher. Throne of Glass (book 1) and Assassin's Blade (book 3) are my newest addiction, it is a series and I yet to get the second book, Crown of Midnight (saw it only at MPH bookstore at Empire Subang). The heroin's name in this series is Celaena Sardothien, the most feared 18-year old assassin from the Kingdom of Adarlan. I just can't wait to proceed reading!
8. Pic taken using Lumia 920. These babies are my latest catch at Sephora Starhill. I have been longing for the Smith's Rosebud Salve (Strawberry) since I saw Diana from Quin Kitty wrote about it in her haul + review post 2 years ago. The second item is Soap and Glory Flake Away body polish. Aside from being in my wish list, buying this baby too was influenced by Fiona from Street-Love. FYI, Fiona is one of my favourite local beauty blogger for her honest reviews. Some of my purchases are 100% influenced by her, hehe! Next is the Urban Decay de-slick Makeup Setting Spray. Fiona said it doesn't work on her skin, while non-Malaysian beauty bloggers raved about this. So, I took the travel size to try it, with very high hope that it will work on my skin :p If it doesn't, I don't feel burned at all, maybe. Fiona told me in her reply comments that she will try it a few times more to see if this thing can work. Fiona, if you're reading this maybe you have an idea on what to update ;)

So, this is what my picture diary looks like. Thank you for staying till the end, and do leave your comments ya! I'd love to hear what my lovely readers have to say about anything regarding this post ^_^

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  1. Ahak Mieza! :) I'm more interested to see what you think. Still doesn't work for me though :(

    1. Heyy you're here :D awh too bad it doesn't work. I think it must be the weather factor. I haven't tried it, I'll definitely 'report' once I've tried it okay ^_^

    2. It will works better for those who don't have as oily skin as mine. Well nevermind. Lucky I only bought the trial size :D


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