The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack review

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I am a huge fan of nose pack because I do not know how to squeeze the blackheads or whiteheads on my own, and I am afraid of hurting my skin by doing so. When The Face shop was having that CNY sale in January 2014, I went and checked whatever products they have that I can try. So, I found this White Mud Nose Pack and bought it. The normal price is RM19.90 each and I got a 50% discount as second purchase (I purchased another product which will be reviewed soon).
This nose pack comes in a white, plastic tube with screw cap. It is a peel off type of mask, meaning that you don't have to wash it off when it dries, just peel it slowly and enjoy the sight of blackheads and whiteheads sticking on the nose pack, haha! Don't tell me you never had the anticipation to discover a huge amount of them on your dried nose pack :p
This nose pack is very sticky like a glue upon contact with skin. It dries very fast and thin application on skin makes them disperse and you can see your pores underneath it. So, I love to wear it thickly. You have to be slightly quick when slathering it on your nose as it dries fast.
Here are the swatches I did on the back of my hands and also how it looks on my nose. 

VERDICT : 3.5/5

I have a love-hate relationship with this White Mud Nose Pack. I love it when it really took out the oil seeds, whiteheads and blackheads from my nose. It does not have a stinging sensation when in contact with skin, it does not smell bad, it dries fast. However, I found that it does not work well if you did not steam your face first. It is also very very sticky and the dried nose pack on my fingers (I use my fingers to apply this, you too okay) needs a firm scrub before they can be removed with water. But overall, this product works fine. 

It is not a holy grail product that you must have, and it is not a loss either if you don't buy it. I read a lot of other reviews and people seem to love this Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack. So, if you are curious or sick of the ready made pore pack (the fabric ones that people stick on their nose) you may try this White Mud Nose Pack from The Face Shop.

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  1. rasa puas hati gila bila tengok whitehead and blackhead melekat kat nose pack >_<

    1. ohh that feeling, memang itulah tujuannya pakai nose pack, excited nak tengok hasil tuaian XD

  2. akak pernah cuba this product. agak sesuai untuk mild whitehead. yag degil payah sikit!

    1. tau takpe, kena rajin longgarkan pori kot baru yg degil tu boleh keluar? keh3 *apakah yang saya jawab ini XD


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