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Monday, March 03, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I got the opportunity to attend the launch of Dove's School of Skindulgence event at The Apartment, The Curve. The purpose of this event was to introduce (especially to all the busy women of Malaysia)  Dove's latest body wash with Nutrium Moisture that will make you feel like having a luxurious skin treatment while having a bath. So, having your skin cared and pampered with the goodness of Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture counts as a lavish treat at home, especially for busy women who seldom has the time for themselves. What about you? How many times do you pamper yourself to a relaxing and moisturizing bath at home? I hope you don't even have to hurry in your bath!
The biggest fun all 50 Butterflies had during the event was discovering on how we can practice 3 pillars introduced by Dove for us to pledge in caring for ourselves. All of us were divided into 3 groups, which were Group A (Eat Right), Group B (Love Yourself) and Group C (Stay Active). 
I was in Group C and what we did was learning some basic stretching steps involving our head, shoulders, wrists and legs (focus was on pelvic bones). 
This was the setting for Group A. In fulfilling the pledge to Eat Right, they were given the task to prepare for 2 healthy dishes. What they prepared was a serving of salad and another serving of pasta. All the ingredients were readily prepared and they need to mix everything up to get the final dish. 2 chefs were there in assisting them and I can tell that both dishes were yummy! 
Tammy, Innanie and Mira were busy 'cooking' ^_^
Since there was an untouched set, I made myself busy and joined them in preparing the pasta since I was done with my stretching lesson, hehe! 
These two are the finished look of the two dishes that Butterflies from Group A had prepared. Yummy right?
Now here's the station for Group B, the bathroom! Quirky right? How can a restaurant has an open bathroom? Well, it goes with the name of The Apartment so they have everything that resembles a home there ;) 
What the Butterflies in Group B did was to test on which items gives the highest moisturizing effect on their skin. They first analysed their skin's moisture level, and then it was followed by another test after putting water, milk and Dove on their skin. The result? Skin moisture level was the highest after they used Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture! Sorry milk, you are defeated by Dove!! See? Dove is better than milk ^_^
These are the babies I got to bring home that night. I personally have tried Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture (the one with dark blue cover). You know what? I totally fell in love with it and I'm converting like on the spot! I love the smell of this body wash, how creamy and foamy it was, and how smooth my skin felt like after bath. Before this I usually feel a sudden need to slather lotion on my body after bath, but now after using Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture, its moisturizing effect made me forget the need of wearing lotion!
Now now now, let's see what fun we have here shall we? Dove has launched the School of Skindulgence project, where there is a 21-Days Instagram Challenge that starts on 1st March till April 30th 2014. What you have to do is simple. Just go to My Dove Body Wash facebook page [link here] and register at Dove School of Skindulgence [link here]. Start instagramming your winning photos okay? The prizes are too good for us to pass! I'm joining the pledge, and I'm anticipating you to join as well ^_^
Who wants to go to Krabi for free? Who wants Dove body wash hamper? Register and join now before it's too late!
So, how can you eat right easily? Simple. Just add in more fruits and veggies in your daily intake, make your own salad or smoothies at home, and eat steamed food instead of fried food. You can easily do these at home, and believe me that the nutritious fruit smoothie you made at home is way fresher and healthier than the fruit juice you buy at the restaurants!
Staying active does not require you to sign up for a gym session! You can do things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, you can walk a short distance to your favourite cafe than taking the cab or driving. You too can get your exercise by washing the car, vacuuming the house and mopping the floor. You don't even have to go out of the house!
Loving yourself is not that hard. You can dedicate a few hours for your "me time" and have your own spa at home. Get a relaxing bath with Dove, light on some aromatherapy candles, and pamper your face with homemade mask. Give your tired feet a nice hot soak, and care for your fingers with some treatment oil. Maybe you yourself did not realize all the products you have laying around in your room, that can be used to treat yourself like a queen ;)

For more information on Dove My Body Wash and School of Skindugence, log on to :

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