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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I have always loved playing with paper dolls when I was small. It was the only channel I had back then in showing the girly side of me. Yeah I was quite a tomboy when I was small. Now as I grew up, I love seeing how ladies out there mix and match their fashion pieces. My deepest love goes to outerwear, and my number one favourite would be trench coats. Next is the pairing of sunnies and gladiator heels, followed by handbags. It is kinda my essential pieces of wardrobe if I were very rich and can afford it all, hehe!

So when GlassesOnline approached me to create a style with one of their sunglasses, I was beyond happy! This outfit I arranged is complete with some makeup and accessories. I name it Royally Plain as there is no screaming patterns on them. However, I believe that this pairing exudes the "rich girl" aura. Very clean, sophisticated and polished. With that Persol sunnies I chose, anybody in this outfit will be that "mysterious girl" that everyone wants to know. Well, this is the look that I'd love to don ;) 

What do you say? FYI, this outfit I arranged will be competing with other bloggers' outfits as well. So, don't forget to LIKE my creation on GlassesOnline facebook page ya ^_^

view this set on Polyvore [link]

Sunglass : Persol PO3025S [link] RM525.00
Oasis Long Drape Coat from Debenhams : RM480.00
HELMUT Cocoon Jersey Leggings from : RM560.00 
Newest Pierced Sexy Platform Sandal from : RM75.00
ZARA Briefcase Messenger Bag from : RM125.00
Morganite Small Oval Fao earrings from Astley Clarke London : RM16,115.00
Lancome Evening Eye Makeup : RM165.00
M.A.C Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick : RM52.00
Naked Skin Beauty Balm Broad Spectrum SPF20 : RM65.00

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  1. Ya Rabbi ni kalau pakai gini ni, aku culik kau miza. Lelong kau sekali! mahal semua oi :)

    1. Kak Nanie nak main kejar2 dengan kita ye? meh la, kat Beverly Hills :p

  2. Love this look! Definitely a rich girl's look. :D


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