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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I was recently invited to IACT Educational Fair at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. I have always wanted to know how a private college looks like, how their facilities are, so there it is, I got my chance ^_^ Before I proceed, here's a beat drop dance performance by IACT students :
For your information, IACT College is located at Jaya One, a business park swarming with shopping lots, chic cafes and restaurants. I was informed that the reason of placing IACT College in Jaya One is to adapt the students to real working environment where students got to meet real clients and see how business takes place. Unlike the common practice of building universities in isolated rural places with hope that urbanization won't affect student's life, I found this move creative and fresh.
students attending the education fair
As the Creative Communication Specialist in Malaysia, IACT College offers courses concerning Media and Creative Arts to its students. During the educational fair, there were various counters opened to assist SPM leavers, parents and students to learn more on how IACT College can be the best place for students to continue their tertiary education.
There was a session for alumni of IACT to share the stories of their experience in continuing their bachelor's degree overseas after getting a diploma from IACT. To my surprise, IACT has partnered with more than 80 universities, making it possible and faster for their students to obtain a bachelor's degree within 3.5 years. Aside from that, there was another session for current students of IACT to share with the audience regarding their internship experiences. I was informed that at IACT, there are classes that students can take to ready themselves for the real working world such as learning on how to make resumes and everything necessary to equip them with professional skills at work.
Diploma in Advertising alumni, Abiseshana Mohan (Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi) 
Diploma in Advertising alumni, Wong Jia Li (Creative Copywriter at Leo Burnett)  
Then we were brought for a tour around the library, and I can say that the library is very comfortable and relaxing to study at, regardless its small size. Apart from the common study area, it was equipped with carousal room, presentation room and another room for total silence, I forgot its name but if you're a person who can't study even with minimal sound, then this room is for you ;)
The students of IACT are creative souls who are not afraid to show their talents. There is a day in the week dedicated for performances and they will grace the grounds of Jaya One showcasing their singing and playing instruments. 
Students who attended the education fair were given a ticket to Escape Room, which challenge will be held on April 4th, 2013. 
Above all, the initiative of such educational fair done by IACT College is a brilliant idea and should be carried on more frequently. I love the fact that they readied so many counters for potential students to learn about the offered courses, how can they get financial aids, oversea universities that partnered with IACT for IACT students to continue their studies, companies who need IACT students for internship and also for job placements. The guided tour too is capable of opening our eyes on what the college has to offer, and indeed IACT has proved that they're serious in educating the students. For more information on IACT and the offered courses, contact :
Liyana Zulkafly : 03-7956 0211 Ext 108

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