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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Are you a frequent contact lenses user? I am, and in fact, I wear contact lenses everyday when I go out. Since I have been wearing contact lenses for 8 years (and counting), I always look for lenses which have reasonable prices and make me feel like I don't have anything stuck on my eyeballs [read : super comfy]. 

Thanks to a professional contact lens brand, CooperVision I was given the opportunity to experience how awesome their contact lenses are! Actually before I was approached by them, I already used their contact lenses and even managed to persuade my beloved blogger pal Edazz from Beautylicious to try them too coz I love how good their lenses are. My first encounter with CooperVision lenses was when my best friend and I redeemed a free pair of monthly Biofinity lenses from them.   

This is the contact lens that I'm now using, Biomedics 1 Day Extra from CooperVision. It is suitable for beginners or for anybody because this lens is designed for day-long comfort.   What I love about CooperVision is that they are really particular in producing contact lenses to cater the need of most people. You can browse through their website and choose the lenses that suits your preference. They have Biofinity range, Proclear range, Biomedics range, and MiSight range. What you should know is that these different ranges are aimed to help people from different age background (children and adult), different eye condition (short-sighted and astigmatic), different disposable period (daily and monthly) and each of them are specifically tailored to contribute to a maximum comfort for its wearers. 
Biomedics Family [link]

Why Biomedics 1 Day Extra? 
I never used daily disposable contact lenses before coz I always bought the monthly disposable pairs. However, I now realize that daily disposable lenses are easier to maintain. They don't need to be stored after use, I can just happily chuck them into the wastebasket at night and open a fresh new pair tomorrow. This option is better for my eyes as I am guaranteed to wear clean pair of lenses everyday. Of course, I clean my hands first before opening the new pair every morning or else it won't be good for my eyes :p Oh, you have astigmatism? Don't worry, they have Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric for you as well ^_^
By using Biomedics 1 Day Extra, my contact lens routine has changed as well. I am now working and I stare at the computer screen for 8 hours straight. Then when I finish working, I don't go straight back to home everyday. There are days that I need to go somewhere else after work and I can't take off my lenses as it would be time consuming and inconvenient for me to do so. Sometimes I left my spectacles at home and I am practically blind without specs/lenses. The solution is, I need contact lenses that can still make my eyes feeling normal after more than 8 hours wear, and Biomedics 1 Day Extra so far has never failed me in this department coz they claim to offer comfortable lens wear up to 11 hours ^_^
Biomedics 1 Day Extra contact lenses too has made my life easier and my eyes feel more comfortable than before. Why? Because before this, I have experienced wearing lenses which dried my eyes within 3 hours of wearing it and I don't have any refreshing drops with me. People around me only have EyeMo and that thing can't be used if we have contact lenses on. That was one hella uncomfortable moments of my life and it happened quite a few times =_='' I never want that to happen again and thank God with Biomedics 1 Day Extra, my eyes only need the the contact lens refreshing drops after 8 hours of wear, no kidding. Red eyes due to prolonged contact lenses wear? Nope, never had them with this baby on my eyes ^_^ Eye irritation due to wearing contact lenses? No, Biomedics 1 Day Extra never gave me that!
I went to a 3 days camp last week, and you know, being at a campsite doing outdoor activities is not good when you're wearing glasses. It hinders you from doing some activities, and you always need your eyes able to see clearly all the time except when you're sleeping. So Biomedics 1 Day Extra lenses has become my saviour coz of its convenience. I only need to pop 3 pairs of them into my backpack, I don't need to bring any huge solution bottle with me, I wear my fresh new pair in the morning and pop them out at night, I practically don't have to worry anything at all :)

So, if you wanna experience Biomedics 1 Day Extra contact lens, why don't you start with redeeming your 5 day trial pack from CooperVision? Be fast, this offer is only valid till 30th April 2014 ya ^_^ 

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purpose. However, I have had prior experience with CooperVision lenses and my judgement is purely from my personal experiences. 

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  1. If only its available nationwide haha~~~

    1. I know right. I think it's because they're relatively new here in Malaysia so they yet to expand the 'coverage'

  2. I'm going to get the trial pack! Thanks to you~ It'll be my first time wearing contact lenses, so I hope the product lives up to your review :)

    1. okay sis, dont forget to take care of your eyes while wearing it okay? the results on me may vary on each individual's eye health status, surrounding and age factor as well. so dont forget to consult with the optometrist first when you come to the outlet to pick up the package :)

  3. My mom uses biomedics, gonna ask her to request this :D


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