Yadah Spring Festival Party with The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Friday, February 07, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
This is gonna be a very happy post because I'm gonna talk about a brand that I love to the max, which is Yadah ^_^ I was invited to a party with Yadah at Little Wonton by The Butterfly Project, and during the party we were introduced to lots of bombastic products by Yadah and of course, some new arrivals as well ;) 

During the product introduction, us bloggers were informed about the goodness contained within all Yadah products, which key ingredient is the native Opuntia Ficus extract! I hope you guys have read my review about Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser, which definitely works best on my skin and cleared my complexion like nobody's business! I have used a lot of Yadah products including their Vitamin Toner, Vitamin Emulsion (paired after use of Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser), Sunblock, Brightening Ampoule, Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser and Brightening Mask Pack. So verdict? They are the best, you should go buy them all seriously I'm not kidding XD
Now let's get to the fun time! We were given a plate containing 3 samples of sunblock named A, B, and C. We tested each of them on our hands, noticing how it looks upon application and how it smells. Oh yes, we don't know which brand they are from.
Sunblock A : recognized on the spot, been using it since forever :p 
Sunblock B : catches my attention due to its consistency, color and its faint lemongrass-like smell
Sunblock C : very BB cream like though a bit thin, and it has the strongest perfume smell ever. I thought sunblocks smell bad all the time =_=''

Then the bean was spilled, sunblock B is Yadah's new formula, Oh My Sun Block and sunblock A is their old Yadah Sun Cream :) I say, we must give team Yadah a big clap for developing this new, better sun block for us! I'll make a detailed review on the product later when I have it tested and probably, compared with some others as well ;) 

Next test up! We were given a pencil liner and a liquid liner to draw anything on our hands. Then team Yadah helped us with a pump of Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser each on the drawings. A few minutes of massaging those yummy foam on our hands revealed a squeaky clean hand! The liquid liner drawing disappeared first, followed by the pencil liner drawing which needed a firmer rub. Thus Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser is proven to be able to remove (traces of) makeup! 
Here's an advice : remove your makeup with makeup removers first and then only you proceed with facial cleansers. We don't wanna be responsible over your clogged pores and surfacing zits okay?

Then there was a noodle eating competition slash lip balm resistance test. The contestants were Dina and FurFer. They had to apply Yadah Lip Tint Balm on their sexy smackers first and gulp down the noodle as fast as they can! FurFer won, bless you lady for having such skill :D I would die tercekik if I try to eat like you XD both of them received a bottle of Yadah Brightening/Collagen Ampoule ^_^ and were the Lip Tint Balm still there after eating? Yes!

Picture spamming time! Team Yadah prepared a lot of props for us to take picture with, and everything was so beautiful! I love the ambiance of Little Wonton, I love the food, I love all Butterflies I met and I love Yadah for that unforgettable afternoon ^_^

Thanks a lot to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for having me with other bloggers during Yadah party, it means a lot to me ^_^ Thanks Yadah, my sweetheart, for the fantastic afternoon and magical products, I'll always be your number one supporter!

Butterfly Project x Yadah picture album  

download and print this coupon to be used for Yadah purchases of RM48 and above at SaSa during their CNY Sale!
validity : 20th January - 16th February 2014

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