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Monday, February 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

I still remember my high school years, and the white uniform, the shock I got when I saw yellow stain on the armpit section of my baju kurung. I thought my armpits were leaking venomous or poisonous chemicals, I freaked out. The stains got even yellow-er than ever as time passed by, and I resorted to buying new baju kurung twice a year. Those yellow stain can't be removed, no matter how hard I scrubbed on it. I tried every single detergent and bleach I could get, and the stain remained, like saying "HA.HA.HA you can't get rid of me, forever!". I even tried changing my deodorants, from liquid to stick to spray. Nothing changed. Even funnier, I thought my armpits "sweating poisons" causing those yellow stains was an early symptom of cancer. Coz my friends told me that wearing deodorants can cause cancer in long term. Okay now I felt like strangling myself for that kind of thinking XD Finally I realized that the stain was not because of me sweating poisons or venoms. It was the deodorants I wore =_=''

To explain more, let's see what Dr.Stefan Biel from Nivea's research team has to say about this matter :

Now lets move to the fun part! I was invited to attend the preview of Nivea Invisible Black & White collection in collaboration with Zalora at Jaya 33. The event started with a welcoming intro by the emcee, followed by a performance by Haze Long from Art Misfits creating her graffiti arts using other deodorant without anti-stain Technology. 

Then the emcee explained that this graffiti was made on a black canvas, using spray deodorants that does not contain anti-stain technology as opposed to Nivea Invisible Black and White deodorant. Those deodorants leave white marks on our black shirts just like how it does in this graffiti.
After that, Mr.Hock Guan, the Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore gave his speech to officiate the ceremony and followed by a fashion show by Zalora, displaying their black and white collection. One of the jacket worn by the beautiful female model took my heart away, I searched for it at Zalora's website and found that it is the River Island Black and White Jacquard blazer, priced at RM335 each. How I wish I could have it!

I personally have tried the Nivea Invisible Black and White deodorant for two weeks now. It smells great, it does not stain the underarm section of my cloth and I love that it works well in being an anti-perspirant deodorant. If you are looking for a deodorant that does not stain your black and white shirt's underarm, I recommend you to change to Nivea Invisible Black and White ^_^

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  1. The only thing which is funny is the ad. Hahaha. Nak p cium ktiak org? XD Its a good product thou

  2. waw best nye dpt gi even, Mieza, awak dah claim belum hadiah dari AGIFT WITH CARE? I think ur are one of the winner beside me

    1. oh my goodness kita baru tau, thanks for mentioning Ika!! Since I'm working now, tak dapat la nak pergi Sunway Pyramid on weekdays. Tunggu weekends la baru redeem :) Ika macam mana?

    2. Rasanya Ika redeem paling awal dari pada pemenang yang lain. hehe Excited. Ika pilih Flower cocktail. :D

  3. yeaaaaaaaah nivea, my all time fav heee


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