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Monday, February 17, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I'm sure nowadays many of us have a busy daily schedule, which sometimes making a trip to the restaurant for lunch can seem like a big hassle. With the hot afternoon sun scorching our skin, the traffic jam, and limited parking, we just wish that our desired meal can just appear in front of us in a short while. Not only for lunch, but there are definitely times when we feel so lazy to get dressed and get out of the house to have some dinner. Well, I can hear some chuckles now, you're all guilty, hehe!

How about I offer you one solution that can help you settle your foodie woes? Introducing FoodPanda, Malaysia's first online food delivery system! I have known FoodPanda since early 2013 when I first stumbled upon it in BR Card's booklet of coupons. At that time I was still living in Shah Alam and looking for food was never a problem for me since there were a lot of restaurants nearby. Now that I have moved to Bandar Utama, my housing area is kinda secluded from the main road and the only choice I have here are 2 Mamak stalls, which are always full with foreigners =_='' So, FoodPanda has finally come to the rescue! 

For your info, FoodPanda is not only available in Malaysia, but they also cover a lot of other regions so you don't have to worry about their credibility. The amount of eateries they collaborate with for delivery is huge too, but it depends on the availability of those branches of eateries around your place. In Malaysia for example, you may be spoilt for choices of restaurants if you live in Klang Valley as there are a lot of restaurants here but if you live in Melaka (I do, I'm speaking based on my experience using FoodPanda) the choice of restaurant is not that much. In my family house's area at Melaka, I can only order from Papa John but at my rental house in Bandar Utama, the list is endless!
So, what I love about FoodPanda? Let me tell you why you should consider their service if you need a meal delivery :
1. They have Halal logo on which restaurants you would love to order your food from. Sometimes we Muslims just wanna try new meals but we don't know if they are halal or not. FoodPanda is a sweetheart by helping us out with this matter ^_^
2. They tell whether the restaurant is open for delivery on that day or not. So, there will be no such thing like having to re-order all over again unless your internet connection is problematic.
3. They tell you if the delivery process will take some time to arrive, for example due to peak hour. So, you won't be waiting like "aiyyoo when will my food arrive? I'm starving already!". You will be able to plan ahead so that when your food arrives, the timing is just perfect :) Just check the order detail (in the pink box below).
4. They have the "narrow down choice" option if you're only looking for selected food/beverages type only. See the pink box on the left hand side of the image below. It's easy right? Just check your preferred box before you click search, and you won't be looking at options that you don't need. Precise and time saving!

5. They have 2 methods of ordering. You can either order directly from their website if you're on your laptop or desktop, and you can order through your smartphone too! Just go to your Apps Store or Google Play and download FoodPanda apps ^_^

The only downside of FoodPanda in Malaysia right now is as I highlighted earlier, where the choice of restaurants is not uniform at all places. Some areas have a lot of options, while some others especially outside of Klang Valley, can have as little as only 1 choice. But I'm sure, FoodPanda will be increasing their service coverage sooner or later. It's just a matter of time :) 

Now before I end my post, thanks to FoodPanda I have a giveaway for my beloved readers, special for those who haven't tried FoodPanda yet but are itching to try getting your real meals on wheels! Forget all those fast food deliveries for a while, and try FoodPanda for a more satisfying meal ^_^ 

What you'll receive :
RM10 FoodPanda voucher EACH for 5 winners

How to win :
Tell me (in the comment section) :
 -why do you wanna win this voucher from FoodPanda
-Provide your name, email and answer in the comment section

The 5 winners will be announced on 21st February 2014, so quick! Tell your friends about this and good luck!

For more info visit :
FoodPanda Malaysia webpage :
FoodPanda Facebook page :

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  1. i love their service..but only if they hv more choices and hope it will available at my hse area too!

    1. i know right! their service is good but they need to expand more. reach more areas and get more restaurants to join them.

  2. I want to win the FoodPanda voucher because I use FoodPanda a lot hahaha. Going out alone even under broad day light is so dangerous nowadays so I'd usually opt for cooking at home or food delivery! I personally love Sarpino's hehehe. :p

    1. I agree with you dear, it can be quite dangerous sometimes, we dont know what bad things are lurking at the corners waiting to sprang on us. Thank you for joining the giveaway ^_^ oh, can you provide your name and email please dear?

    2. OH! hehe sorrryyy :p My name is Daphne Poh and my email address is (:

      Have a great day! :D

  3. i never try foodpanda before,even didnt know malaysia have this kind of service,thank you for this write up, hope i can be one of winner for this contest,thanks.

    1. no problem Yann Yann :) can you please provide your name and email please? thank you!

  4. I've yet to try them though I keep seeing good reviews. SO MUCH FOOD! Since the options are limited where I work, this is definitely something worth looking into.

    Arpita Bajaj,

    1. Thanks for visiting Arpita ^_^ I hope you'll be able to enjoy their service soon ;)


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