Fairy Whitez Beauty Drink Review

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Recently there are lots of supplement drinks making an appearance in our local market, promising us clear, healthy skin as early as 7 days of consumption. These beauty drinks are the new way to obtain a desired complexion without the need of buying and using a tray full of products on our skin just to get that smooth, acne-free and brighter skin.

I was given the opportunity by HiShop to review a famous beauty drink, which is non other than Fairy Whitez. Below are some introduction and facts about Fairy Whitez drink. Apart from Fairy Whitez, there is also another 'sibling' to it called Fairy Blossom, which aim is to assist in enhancing female features.
I received 3 boxes of Fairy Whitez drink, which is equal to 30 bottles, perfect for 1 month period of consumption. Priced at RM89 per box for 10 bottles, Fairy Whitez drink comes in glass bottles of 22ml each.
They equip each box with a pamphlet of Fairy Whitez and and Fairy Blossom. To consume, we have to take off the sealed plastic cap on each bottles, poke a hole onto the rubber seal and insert a straw into the bottle. Everything you need is prepared in the box, so you don't have to worry :) 


Before consumption : My skin condition was at its worst. I had a major acne breakout on my T-zone, 90% of them on my forehead. I do not know what causes it apart from stress due to final semester workload and final exam. I tried some acne treatment medications but all failed, nothing seemed to work and it was just a waste of money. Other than that sudden acne burst, my skin problems are large pores, oily skin and uneven skin tone.

During consumption : I see nothing in the first two weeks. Those acne on my forehead were still there like they own the place. No positive changes either on the oiliness, pores and skin tone. However, I could feel that my skin became a bit smoother than before. 

Week 3 : Those acne on my forehead started to reduce. The swellings went off easier than before. I only applied tea tree oil at night on all acne before I sleep, no other medications taken, no other supplements consumed. My period came during this third week, and I experienced no menstrual cramps at all! I was kinda surprised actually as I thought only Fairy Blossom is designed to ease menstrual cramp, as my menstrual pain never failed to give me 1-2 disastrous days of twisting pain from the inside every month. 

After 4 weeks (finished all 30 bottles) : 
Acne count on forehead reduced approximately by 80%. 
However, the scar/dark marks are visible. 
Skin tone is more even. 
Skin felt more plumped.
Oily skin is not cured at all.

After a few days I stopped consuming Fairy Whitez : 
New bumps spotted on my forehead, again.

In my opinion, you can get the skin result that they promised if you started with minor or no skin problem at all. If you have a list of skin problems like me, one month consumption is not enough, you might need to continuously consume it for at least 3 months to see a difference. In my case, those receding acne came back slowly after I stopped consuming Fairy Whitez. HOWEVER, this all depends on your skin type and how your body reacts to the supplement. In my case, it doesn't work 100% within a month.

Apart from that, factors contributing to skin problems/changes are your diet, water intake, stress level, sleeping habit and pollution exposure. I guess mine is not that good except for water intake so that might contribute to my skin problems as well.

I vote that if you have healthy eating habits, disciplined facial care ritual, less stress and enough sleep, you can get that healthy skin and it will double up if you take beauty drinks like Fairy Whitez. 

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