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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Some women are not born with smooth, hairless legs and hands. Some even got into situation where the hairy body parts look just like a male's hairy legs and hands, which is embarrassing and made the women feel insecure to wear skirts and short sleeved blouses. Even though I myself have the obligation to cover up and I can not bother anything about this issue, I'm still a woman and hairy legs are just a no-no for me.

So, I found something that has been working so well and I wanna share it with my dearest readers ^_^ If you have hairy legs problem, why not try Body Natur Hair Removal Wax Strips? They have variants for normal skin and sensitive skin, and also different sizes for different body parts. What I got here is the large size of ready-to-use wax strips, suitable for arms and legs.
My skin is actually not sensitive but I just feel safer to go for sensitive skin products
What? You're afraid of doing your own waxing? Oh come on people, this is something you should at least try and do it at home! I know it's easier to go to waxing salon and pay for the service but hmm, it's quite expensive here. I'm not gonna lie to you. It is a bit painful when you pull the wax strip off your skin, but just a little bit, like a shock! And then it's gone. Brazilian wax is more painful than this one :p
the amount i have here is less than stated coz i have used it
I found that this Body Natur Hair Removal Strip really works up to its promise, it provides perfect and long-lasting result up to 4 weeks, my legs get that baby smooth surface for one whole month before the hair starts to grow again. Before this I have tried shaving, hair removal cream, hair removal mousse, and they just don't really work that long, not on me, no matter what their promises were on the commercials and on the packaging. 
So, if you wanna get rid of your hairy legs, hands, armpit, upper mouth or bikini line and still searching for a method that might work, I suggest you grab a pack of Body Natur Hair Removal Strip (they're available at Watsons and Guardian) and try it at home. I hope it works just well on you as well as it works on me! Thanks for reading ^_^

Disclaimer : I am not paid to review or neither affiliated to this brand. Product was bought with my own money and review is honestly 100% based on my own experience. Result may vary on different skin and different individual, test the wax on a small area of your skin first to detect any adverse reaction. 

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  1. i want to try hotwax instead but not available in msia!

    1. Hotwax is another brand of wax strip ke? I tak tahu, hehe! Yeah in Malaysia we dont really have that much choice >.<


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