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Friday, February 07, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Have any of you been in these situations :
  • you found a good deal, remembered a friend who is still searching around to get deals like that and you feel the urge to share about it ASAP
  • you want to buy something, found it but you're not sure whether you can get better price somewhere else or not. Buy now or wait? If you buy now, you might regret later when someone told about a better deal. If you dont buy now, suddenly the entire stock finished =_='' stress right?
  • you wanna sell something but just tired of answering "how much?" when you already captioned "RM35 each" on the image.  
Now all your worries like I stated above can be shunned away with the arrival of a new application for Android called CREAM. This application uses geo-technology and crowd sourcing in assisting users to decide their purchases by uploading pictures through the app to be shared with their followers. This beta version is equipped with a currency converter (use CREAM wherever you are!), follow function (keep up with your friends!) and its navigation is pretty much easy, it's a not a rocket science degree at all ^_^

By uploading the pictures, users will get to key-in the price of the item in the picture, along with it's location so that their followers will know what it is, how much it is and where they can get it. Convenient right? You can say goodbye to answering repeated questions of "heyy how much is that??" or "omg where did you get those stuff I want it too!". I believe most of us has been through this right? :p

Not only that, users too will get to receive feedbacks from their followers as followers can rate the posted images as "good deal" or "not a good deal" through the thumbs up/down icon. Your followers too can comment on the pictures you upload to voice their opinions and suggest something for you. Cool huh? CREAM is just like the "Waze for real time pricing data". CREAM was developed by BuzzElement as they want us to be able to obtain the best deal in town (or out of the town, wherever you're going)! 

CREAM is currently available for Android users, and fret not iPhone users, CREAM is coming to you just in a matter of time! To be a user, just sign up, it's free. Wanna make things easier? Sign-up with Facebook like I did ;)

To download CREAM, just go to Google Play and get it absolutely for FREE or visit
 watch Cream on Vimeo

How To Use Cream

1. Snap a photo of the item you wanna share its great deal about or item that you need opinions before buying. Or even items you wanna sell ^_~

2. Enter the price of the item, and don't forget to key-in the location as well! The field for both are ready, you just need to tap and type.

3. Everything ready? Hit share! Now your followers can see the deals and get the buzz going ^_^ Want more than that? Share it on facebook and twitter as well!

So, are you hooked? See how my CREAM profile looks like ^_^ and also the things I have posted there ;)

As you can see, I was very hyped to stumble upon deals like buy 1 free 1 and special prices for festive celebrations. I mean, prices like this don't come everyday and some people (like me) are just so unlucky to only know the deals when they're over. So, I wanna try my best to share whatever good deals (especially in my niche of beauty items, food where I got lots of friends craving for best deals everyday) I found to make the world free of unlucky people XD 

This CREAM app is very convenient for people having online business as well. You feel like making a fb page is too much for your small business? Start with CREAM, it's easy ^_^ The more social sharing apps you use the better right? More people will get to know about your product.

Do you know that CREAM is also listed in the 5 photo sharing apps must haves? There are Instagram, Flickr, CREAM, Snapchat and Frontback. I only have Instagram and now that I have CREAM, I am able to share more. What I really love about CREAM is that it is straight-forward and very specific (not like a messy disorganized album of products) and CREAM gives a real time feedback from the crowd which is just so convenient. It doesn't really need you to write a lengthy caption as they have a readily written "Good deal or not?" in the caption. You can either let it be, add some more words or change it to your desired caption (if you're selling, for example). 

So, what are you waiting for? See you in CREAM and don't forget to follow me okay ^_^

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