The Butterfly Project Malaysia : Why I want to party with Kinohimitsu

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Several days ago, I saw this picture update on The Butterfly Project facebook page, and upon reading Tammy's blog.

And then tonight I saw this announcement on The Butterfly Project facebook page.

So, clearly I cannot miss this party for sure lah kan?? No crazy Butterflies want to miss the party, I can guarantee that, hehe!


1. It's The Butterfly Project's monthly review activity. As a dedicated Butterfly, I cannot bear not to participate. I cannot let the party start without me, hahaha! *flutters my wings frantically*  Furthermore it will be at the famous Vila Manja Spa, truthfully I've never been there and I really would love to enjoy the evening partying with 50 pretty Butterflies!! 

2. This is the first time I got the chance to 'participate' for a party with a well-known health products brand, Kinohimitsu! I love and have my respect towards Japanese brand. They're always effective, true to their promise like the Japanese people. I want to learn and experience more of Kinohimitsu's goodness, and heyy, who doesn't want to party the healthier way :D 

3. I'd love to blog about health solutions, which are not that bitter like the hospital medicines, and I found Kinohimitsu as the best option. I understand that not many of us have the time to DIY our own health drinks, with the peeling and juicing of fruits that can take our time. So why not I tell them more about Kinohimitsu once I got to join the party and learned about what Kinohimitsu can offer us ^_^ 

4. I have tried Kinohimitsu's product, and I dare say that it helped me well till I'm hooked! Remember my Tambun Getaway posts? We were given Kinohimitsu UV Drink to help protect our skin from sunburn. And guess what? I didn't get sunburned, any redness or any stinging sensation on my face at all when the day ends. Usually when I'm exposed to sunlight the whole day, even if I slathered sunblock on my face, I'll still get some redness and stinging sensation. But upon consuming Kinohimitsu UV Drink, my skin was well protected! Need I say more on how good they are? ;)  

so this is me, with my new-found love from Kinohimitsu, the UV Drink, my skin's savior, my knight in shining bottle! I hope I can find more love from them, hehe ^_^

The Butterfly Project Malaysia


Vila Manja Spa

p/s: To my dearest Mamasan and SWAT ladies, please don't puke after reading my lengthy post. I drafted everything ready a few days before the pic is taken. Then only I saw that we just need a photo caption, haha! Sorry for being too rajin in writing :p

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