Review : Heaven on Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello!
Are you a user of essential oils? As for me, my first time getting the product is from HiShop August Beauty Box and it is the Tea Tree essential oil from Heaven on Earth

"Pure essential oils have many uses. They can be inhaled or applied on the skin, as an alternative treatment for infections, stress and other health related problems. They can be added to bath, diffuser, candles, perfumes, etc"

It comes in a cute 10ml bottle, equipped with a dropper-type dispenser. I really love the smell of it. This tea tree essential oil has a very strong smell which I found very fresh and relaxing. The consistency is not very oily, and it has a cooling effect upon contact with skin and dries fast.
I have been using this tea tree essential oil for quite some time, specifically for acne treatment as I do not have any acne treatment cream until recently. From what I experienced, Heaven on Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil helps in soothing the angry red bump of my pimple within 3 days

Since it is said that essential oils must be mixed with carrier oils before use on skin (read here), I consulted Mabel from HiShop on which carrier oil is suitable to be mixed with tea tree essential oil. The representative from Heaven on Earth then informed us that it is best to use tea tree essential oil with jojoba oil as it matches our skin's lipid. 

However, you don't have to worry as for acne treatment, you can directly apply the tea tree oil onto those annoying zits. Be careful not to apply too much okay? I found that blogger J-Mei suggested to add a few drops of tea tree essential oil onto a cotton pad dampen with toner before dabbing it onto the acne/pimples. I hope it works on you as well if you're trying ^_^

Purchase can be made at HiShop Malaysia and you will receive a miniature vial worth RM15. Besides tea tree, there are many other essential oil and carrier oil selection for you to choose as well just at HiShop. View it here and enjoy the comfort of your own mini spa at home! Stay healthy always ^_^

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