Kinohimitsu Luau Party with The Butterfly Project

Friday, November 29, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

November is autumn, but my days had never been brighter with The Butterfly Project Malaysia and its bombastic events ^_^ I got the opportunity to dance the petals off with my lovely Butterflies at Luau Party with Kinohimitsu, thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invite!

The party was held at Vila Manja Spa in the heart of KL. It was an old bungalow place, located in an old housing area nearby LRT Ampang Park. Everything was so quite and secluded inside there, what a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city ^_^ No wonder Mamasan Tammy loves Vila Manja Spa so much coz I also think that the place is perfect for a pampering session. It has a vintage feeling to it, with bits of Balinese decor that looks lavish at the same time. Love! We get to enjoy a mini head and shoulder massage upon our arrival as well ^_^

During the party, we were introduced to Kinohimitsu's latest health product, Bio-Booster. It is a health supplement that aids your digestive system to absorb nutrients better and help whatever your intakes to work well to your system. Wondering why you still feel tired after taking supplements? Wonder why it doesn't work? Then maybe your digestive system has an absorption issue, so here's when Bio-Booster come to the rescue!

Kinohimitsu brought along two of their loyal celebrity users for a sharing session on how their health has improved with continuous consumption of their favourite Kinohimitsu products. Apart from that, we also played games that has some significance to the concerning health issue that night :) Oh, did you know that some Butterflies showed their dance talent that night? It was crazy you know, people were cheering and it was a real party! We had a performance by professional dancers from Fitness First as well, I really love their costume, the dance moves and how harmony it was with the E.T song by Katy Perry. Freakin' awesome!

Every Butterfly receives an activity card to enjoy some treats and game at different station, and we got to redeem a goodie bag too! The game was spin the wheel and win some Kino products or spa treatment (3 grand prizes). We get to taste the UV Bright Drink, Bio-Booster and redeem a goodie bag containing full sized products from Kinohimitsu ^_^

There was a table full of food too! OMG everything tastes so delicious and moderately seasoned/marinated :) The crew did the BBQ since before dark, I saw them when I arrived. There were satay, fruits, grilled chicken, steamed fish, corn, fried rice, cocktail sausages and more I couldn't recall, hehe! I was too focused on eating I guess :p Some pretty Luau Cupcakes were served too.

Another thing that made everyone beyond excited that night was the photobooth by :) Can you believe it they gave us free, unlimited prints of pictures! So clearly nobody wanted to miss the opportunity of getting as much pictures as we can, hehe! The props were marvelous too, good job!

images are taken from facebook

I truly enjoyed partying the night away with everyone. Everything was definitely the best! From the ambiance of the venue, the games we played, the information we get, the foods, the photobooth and most importantly the hospitality I received that day makes me a happy girl. Thank you The Butterfly Project Malaysia for coming up with such great event for us Butterflies ^_^ 

these are the goodies we brought home ^_^ 
-Kinohimitsu Japan Bio-Booster (30 sachets)
-Kinohimitsu Japan Beauty Drink (6 bottles)
-Kinohimitsu Rejuvenating Seat Pad (my spin & win gift)
-lots of pictures from the photobooth!

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  1. I am sure you have a great time there. So Jelly!! haha.. Actually, I really want to go, but jadual mmg pack.. Hope to see you in next Butterfly's event.

  2. Aww dear, can't wait to see you in person! I understand kalau jadual pack memang xleh nak lari langsung kan >.<

  3. miza...kita nak curik pict y tgh massage tu blh? tq


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