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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Well darlings, no cosmetics today coz I'm back for a mouth-watering review, yeayy! As a person, I love delicious food coz my mother always cook the most delicious meals I ever tasted and I mostly eat home-cooked food till I got into a boarding school. I always have high expectation on food and I always positively hope that they will satisfy my choosy appetite. And for that, I'm called a picky eater by some of my closest ones =_='' Okay enough of me :p

The amazing restaurant I've been itching to share with you guys is called Kungfu Paradise. This branch I went to is located in Paradigm Mall. To all Muslim readers, do not worry as this restaurant do not serve pork and alcoholic beverages. Their ingredients used are all halal certified as explained by their Marketing & Communication Manager, Natalie :) 

front view
The restaurant uses orange and black color as their theme color and I personally feel it made the restaurant look spacious and vibrantly alive! They place is squeaky clean and comfortable, with lots of waiter and waitresses ready to assist you. It is a place suitable for family dining, casual meeting or lepak session with your friends. 

The restaurant have several types of seats that caters to their customers' need. You can choose an open space to dine, or opt for the seats with more privacy :) 

round table for two, at the back section
round table with 2-4 seats, front section
square booth seat
round booth seat suitable for family or mini group dining

Now we have come to the most exciting part of the story, where you'll get to feast your eyes with what Kungfu Paradise can offer :D 

Cooling Lychee Mint Ice Blended
*no artificial flavoring
*must try

First of all, the drink is green coz they blend mint leaves in it. It tastes sweet coz of the lychee, minty coz of the mint leaves and slightly lemony coz of the lemon slice garnishing it. Do not worry as there is no overpowering minty sensation/flavor to this drink. It is definitely a must try especially if you just escaped the hot weather outside ^_^

Tropical Coconut Ice Blended
*must try*
*no artificial flavoring

This is my favourite! It tastes exactly like coconut, and not overly sweet as the usual coconut drink outside. With shredded coconut flesh inside it, this drink definitely gives me a "by the seaside" feeling!

 Kungfu Burger
| Add cheese RM1.50 | Add egg RM1.80 |

To my lovely ladies, I know that some of us might refuse to eat burger outside as we all know how messy it can be, with the sauce and mayo dripping all over, smearing your lips and all. But trust me, Kungfu Burger is the one you're not gonna be ashamed to eat in public! Why? First, it is the perfect size for a woman's portion (we agreed that it won't be enough for a man's size of serving, hehe). It does not have dripping sauce as you can put it on your own. The chicken patty is marinated in special sauce by Kungfu Paradise, and fresh lettuce with soft burger buns will just make you wanna sink your teeth into another savory bite!

 Cheese Baked Rice : The Duo Master
*must try*

As a die-hard-fan of cheezy meals, I cannot resist The Duo Master! The perfectly baked combination of rice, cheese, chicken and fish fillet is just too awesome to pass. They're better than any cheese baked rice I ever tasted, and the creaminess of this meal won't make you leave it while it is still hot :)

 Shrimp Paste Chicken
*must try*

Natalie said that there was a pregnant staff working in Paradigm Mall who came to eat this Shrimp Paste Chicken everyday, part of her cravings we guess? After tasting them, I know why the staff and her baby love this meal so much. I can say that this too, is among the best fried chicken wing I ever tasted. Truthfully, I don't really fancy chicken wings but I'm hooked to this one. Fried to a golden perfection, it is served with Thai chili sauce for those who enjoy dipping.   
Seafood Chilli Crab Pasta

Seafood lovers, this meal is calling for you!! Don't be afraid of the word "spicy" there. It is not spicy at all, I can assure you. It tastes more like sweet-sour or masak 3 rasa. Suitable for those who love sweet gravy, the amount and size of crab stick, squid and prawn in this meal is generous too :) It's flavor was fine, but it doesn't really suit my taste as I love spicy food, hehe

Egg Noodle with Australian Smoked Beef topped with special sauce (dry)

Well this is something different. I personally feel the noodle's taste is weird, coz I'm not used to egg noodle, hehe! The smoked beef was not too tender for my sensitive teeth (I cannot tolerate meat that are not super tender) but maybe coz I did not eat it while it was still hot, haha! Hovewer the taste of this meal is perfect! It is not spicy, the pak choy is steamed I think, and the egg is good too, I love it!

Steamed Fish with Lime and Chilli sauce (served with rice)
*absolute must try*

I just wish I can eat this meal again and again and again. I rarely eat fish outside, as I prefer home cooked fish, but this one is totally to die for! The Lime and Chilli sauce/gravy is perfect to my taste bud, I feel like I can live happily ever after with this meal, haha! It is sour and spicy yet tastes so light, making you can't stop after each helping. The heavenly aroma of lime in this dish is like screaming and inviting you to eat eat eat. Definitely a must try!!

 Steamed Fish with Spicy Soy Paste (served with rice)

The gravy of this steamed fish is slightly spicy yet a bit sweet. Maybe the fact that it is made of soy paste makes the gravy feel a bit thick and tastes different from the previous steamed fish. If lime and chili gravy is not your thing, then try this one ^_^

 Stir Fried Beef with Scallion Rice Bowl with Lava Egg
*must try*

Okay this one is not spicy at all but I fell in love with it. Why? Coz the beef is tender, the gravy is thick and flavour packed and I just can't think of any imperfection to it. If you're wondering, the gravy tastes exactly like ginger beef dishes (ayam/daging masak halia) and best eaten while it is still hot.

Toasted Hazelnut Frappe

This is another ice-blended drink I got to try. The combination of coffee and toasted hazelnut is inviting. It is a bit bitter, not the 100% sweet coffee ice-blended. We had this after eating so I guess you all should do the same too or else the milky drink will make you full before you even start to eat. As Sabby said, it's kinda heavy :)

Chocolate Lava Cake 
*must try*

We ended our foodie adventure with Chocolate Lava Cake, which is like the best and the sweetest surprise for us. The cake is made from dark chocolate, so it is bittersweet. The warm bittersweet cake clashing with sweet vanilla ice-cream, and melts in your mouth like a dream is the most perfect combination that nobody should miss. Remember what I said, you should not miss this one. Okay? Okay. 

If you are searching for something different to eat, or specifically, Hong Kong infused menu, then Kungfu Paradise is the perfect food paradise for you :) The menu is wide, you'll be spoilt for choices and you certainly will have an excellent dining experience there. The staffs are very polite and helpful. I actually came there with a friend for my second visit, and the staffs are just as polite as when their boss is around. The food too, is perfect like the first time I went there. 

I believe that a dining place with comfortable ambiance is what everyone needs, and Kungfu Paradise has it.  It is totally worth your money to spend here as the quality of their food is 5 stars, and you'll definitely come back for more, like I did :p

Current Offer :

CIMB Debit/Credit card users will get 10% off their total bill, till 31st December 2013

Lunch set from RM10.90++ 
click HERE for lunch set menu

Sabby, Natalie, Me, Sabrina (thanks for the pic babe!)

Kungfu Paradise outlets :

Kungfu Paradise Paradigm Mall
Lot 2F-21, Level 2
Tel : 03-78875055

Kungfu Paradise Mid Valley Megamall
Lot LG074A, Lower Ground Floor
Tel : 03-22023099

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  1. woot woot! korang dh pegi second round, tak acii.. I'm going back soooon! :D

  2. ahaha kitorg tunggu kak sabby punya second round XD sedap la, xleh resist!

  3. The food looks really yummieh ! hahaha U all looks gorgeous !!

  4. the food are good Sarah, you should give them a try too ^_^ thanks for the compliment :D


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