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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello earthlings!

Talking about innovation, most people will just leave it to the hands of science and technology. Many will claim that they're too busy, they don't have a time to think of innovation, or they don't have the means to innovate something. 

Now thanks to Philips, they're extending a platform to us all to deliver what creative ideas we have in our minds. We all want the world to benefit from it, so why not share your ideas out loud? Philips Innovation That Matters To You campaign is running, and why not show us your ideas for healthier homes and safer cities

You don't have to draw anything, you don't have to make a prototype. Just type it, easy right? ^_^ No matter how simple, crazy or out-of-space the idea is, who knows that Philips is able to make that dream of yours come true :D 

Step 1 : 
Log on here!

Step 2 : 
Choose either you wanna submit ideas for HEALTHIER HOMES or SAFER CITIES. or why not BOTH?

Step 3 : 
Submit your idea!
remember! your ideas must be :

Realistic - practical to be implemented
Sustainable - demonstrate long term viability
Benefit many, not a few - the more people it benefits means higher chance for your ideas to be implemented

Here's what I submitted under the "HEALTHIER HOME" category. It's based on my personal experience too, and I don't want the number of victims to increase (T_T)

Step 4 : 
Vote and Share!!

Sharing is caring. Contributing your ideas can mean the world to other people. Think about the big difference between now and then, when the ideas are successfully implemented. Don't we all scream for a better world, a better place to live, a better future for our children? Yes, Philips heard your pledge, and now they need US to help them make your homes a healthier place and make your city safer. 

Do you know that there will be something extra for you in return? Yes, Philips appreciate your contribution and they have some extra perks for the best ideas ^_^ Why do they wanna reward the excellent idea contributors? Simple. Because you're helping them. They have the means, they have the technology, and you have a super-fantastic brain that oozes creative, helpful ideas for the world to sustain in a safer and healthier way!

What are you waiting for? Time's running, better get your ideas submitted now and win those cools prizes ^_^

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