Happy Weekend!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

I'm home today, finally! It has been quite some time since I left Melaka. Been missing my family and my cat so much >.< My hectic life in Shah Alam does not allow me to go home often. With studies, sports and some occasional events to attend, I now need a short break. 

Aside from the hype of going home, I'm also made happy by these parcels as well. Oh you know me, how addicted I am towards all these beauty stuff thingy :p I just wanna share it here. 

The first parcel is from ShopGirl. I won her giveaway at facebook and the main prize is a full size Dr.G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream. I never used Dr.G products before, and I'm so happy to win this baby ^_^ I have large pore problem on my cheeks, it's pretty annoying and I hope this BB cream will be able to help me like it helps ShopGirl. She told me that she's been using this Dr.G product for 8 years, WOW! This must be a very good BB cream :D and oh, I also receive some extra gifts as well, double happiness ON! 5 face masks, 1 KATE eyeshadow palette and Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline body lotion. Everything is new to me, never tried/owned them before. Thanks a lot ShopGirl, you really inspire me to be a generous gift giver for my upcoming giveaway ^_^

I also received another parcel from Nabilah of Beaut and The Beast, this time it is my first Ecotools brush! I bought it with her (we do 1 massive order @ group buying, coz a single postal cost is damn expensive) during Ecotools sale at Mysale.my last month. This buffing brush was sold at RM20 each. I'm gonna try it with my face powders soon ^_^ *excited! 

That's all for now, I'll be back with more picture loaded posts ^_^ stay tuned!

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  1. im jealous!!! huwaaaa... want it too!!

  2. Izzati Amira : ^_^ lets go get more!

  3. Hope you like the prizes, sweetie! You deserve them...and yes, I love giving winners more than they expect because to give is better than to receive. By the way, congrats on your new dot.com blog!

    1. I really like them all ^_^ my mom even love the Bvlgari body lotion as it smells divine. I've been using the BB cream since I received it until bf sometimes said, "i like the way you look so natural without makeup" when I have it on my face, LOL. hahaha! okay i dunno whether it's good or bad for him to say that :p


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