Bubble Gum Wax Party with The Butterfly Project

Monday, November 11, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

It never occurred to me that I'll do Brazilian Waxing way earlier before my wedding, ahemm~ which will take place at least another five years Suddenly, my beloved The Butterfly Project kick-started a campaign for Brazilian Wax virgins to experience their first waxing at Bubble Gum Wax. Of course, me, being the ever curious and fearless girl, registered, yeayyy!

So when the invitation came flying into my inbox, I was enthralled! The date was just a week after I got discharged from the ward due to dengue fever. This party was among the reason I struggled to get better told my body to stop all the shaky trembling dizzy nonsense  because I don't wanna miss the fun with my lovely Butterflies, hehe!

sorry for the grainy image, it's from my Instagram ;)

with my favourite girl, Edazz

Thanks to Mira Cikcit for taking me with her on that day (I don't have my own car, sob sob), I really appreciate your help and companion babe ^_^ I need a bubbly cheerful girl like Mira by my side so that I won't drown in my own silence, haha!

Mira and I arrived a bit early so we get to catch up with the other pretty ladies. Oh how I miss seeing my Butterflies! Group picture? Mestilah! Thanks Laura for being our photographer that day ^_^ Guys, if you see pictures without watermark in this post, they're from The Butterfly Project facebook album, and all of them were taken by Laura ^_^

look at our fearlessly excited faces!

It was my first time to discover Bubble Gum Wax. Located at Plaza Damas, they offer a wide range of waxing services for boys and girls. The price is very affordable in my opinion, you can easily save for your appointment coz it's not that we have to wax daily ;)

specially decorated counter to build up the ice-cream party mood!

 an example of Bubble Gum box we have to create during the party

post wax care by Bubble Gum Wax

Aloe Vera Mask for waxed part

At Bubble Gum Wax, you can opt for either waxing or IPL treatment to remove all those unwanted hairs. For waxing, they offer hard wax and soft wax for customers to try. 

  • hard wax : usually for first timers, less painful, removed with hands once it hardens
  • soft wax : recommended for repeaters/second time onward, removed with a piece of cloth
  • IPL : permanent hair removal using a device with light and heat. Needs a few treatments before you can be totally hair-free.
Prior to waxing, customers are needed to fill in a profile form to ensure that we meet the health standard and will not get any complications upon waxing. It is crucial for you to tell them if you have any medical conditions or allergies coz Bubble Gum Wax wants you to come, do the treatment and return happily ^_^ 

Since it's an ice-cream party, there was a marvelous ice-cream and sprinkle bar for us to nomnomnom throughout the party, yeayy! I'm a very happy girl when I saw ice-cream, especially from my favorite Gelato Fruity ^_^ (I once worked at Gelato Fruity kiosk in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka and I know they have the best ice-cream).

ice-cream, noodle, sprinkles, macaroons, wafer, love letters

 sprinkle bar is my favourite! never knew that fruit loops tastes divine with ice-cream, hehe

I never knew about Little Wonton but I swear the taste was good! I want more!!

Illy welcomed us to the event, and explained about what we need to do with all the stuffs laid down for us. We were told to bring empty shoe box for The Bubble Gum box competition where all Butterflies need to wrap their respective boxes and creatively decorate it with all the goodies from Bubble Gum Wax. Winners got to bring home cash vouchers from Bubble Gum Wax ;)

Jesslyn, the manager of Bubble Gum Wax

One by one of the Butterflies were called in for their waxing session, and the rest of us were outside, eating and decorating our boxes ^_^ It was a very fun bonding session, sitting next to each other, gossiping while creating our Bubble Gum box masterpiece :D

eat-pose-smile-eat again 

serious mood for everyone

can you see how we enjoyed each other's companion?

the not-so-creative-me with my humble box, haha!

winners of the Bubble Gum Box contest : Alyssa, Kah Mon, Edazz
congrates ladies ^_^

sweet smile pose

any expression pose XD

Since I was on red flag that day, I did my waxing on a different session, which will be up in Part 2 ;) I'd like to thank The Butterfly Project for giving me the chance to experience my first ever Brazilian Wax ^_^ It was definitely my best 2013 moment, and I can never stop loving all my Butterflies! Wanna see you guys moreeeee~

without these marvelous souls, I wont be writing this post. Thanks a lot :')

The Bubble Gum Wax : Facebook page

The Butterfly Project : Facebook / Website 

Party Planner : Ask Joey

ending this post with my favourite picture from Mira Cikcit ^_^

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  1. So, how was it? Is it hurt?

    Hai. I'm new to Butterfly! Hehe

  2. Hi Scha ^_^ welcome to The Butterfly Project!!

    It was fine, hehe :D it does hurt but only at certain parts. sikit je yg sakit tu. the rest tak rasa apa pun. Sakit masa ZAAAPPP tu je, pastu gelak XD

  3. Ikr, i was laughing throughout the whole waxing session. hahaha and the therapist was so friendly.. I wud definitely go back there if I wanted another waxing.. hahah

  4. Hahaha, finally there's someone I can high-5! It was "ouch" but then it became funny XD definitely must go there for our next waxing ^_^ got coupons maa ;)


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