Bubble Gum Wax : My Waxing Experience (Part 2)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

So now we have come to the most exciting part of my Bubble Gum Wax Party [click here for PART 1 post], yeayyy! Since I couldn't do the waxing on the party day, I had my appointment rescheduled two weeks later. 

Upon my arrival at Bubble Gum Wax, I was greeted by Jesslyn and Joyce. I was asked whether I wanna go to the toilet first, of course I want to, hehe! Then Joyce ushered me to the treatment room. It has a bed, a locker and a tray trolley full of all the waxing equipment.

The room was small, with dimmed light and has a very private feeling to it, hehe! Joyce gave me a hygiene wipe to be used before the waxing session starts. Bear in mind, for Brazilian wax, you need to take off your pants and lie on the bed with a towel covering your bare parts (hahaha). Don't worry, you'll be left alone for around 3-4 minutes to get ready before the torture begins XD just kidding, no torture at all :p

a locker for your belongings and pants 

pic was taken after my session ended. that towel is not actually there at first, hehe~

Then Joyce came in, I started feeling shy but she was so bubbly and talked to me like an old friend. The ice is broken babyy! Joyce instructed on how I should position my legs, it was awkward at first, ngeh3~ Joyce informed me which part she's gonna wax, and whether it will be painful, not painful or most painful. And then......ZAPPPPP! There goes my first Brazilian, hehe! 

Among the tools used. See that container of wooden spatulas? They don't practice double dipping so, it's totally safe and hygienic ^_^

Since it is my first time, Joyce used hard wax first and finished it off with some soft wax for the upper part. I saw the hard wax in pinkish red color and the soft wax in yellow color. The soft wax smelled like lime but Joyce informed me that it was made from honey.

|Hard Wax|
~for first timers
~for coarse hair
~applied on the skin and will be pulled off once it hardens
~less painful than soft wax

|Soft Wax|
~usually for wax repeaters
~used on finer hair
~applied on the skin, unlike hard wax, therapist will put a piece of cloth/paper on it and pull it off your skin
~a bit more painful than hard wax 
(I had it done and I think it's bearable)

To tell you the truth, it was not 100% painful, seriously. If I'm not mistaken there were only 2 parts that you will feel a bit painful, as Joyce told me that those are the sensitive parts. The others? You will laugh like I did, coz you don't need to scream :p The whole session was done between 30 minutes, and it became my sweetest first time ever coz Joyce definitely took my mind off from the pain and shyness. I'm amazed on how Bubble Gum Wax train their therapists to become this excellent ^_^ Thanks so much to The Butterfly Project Malaysia too, for bringing me to this new level of achievement, hehe! I dared myself to do this and I'm proud of it!

If you're interested to do waxing, I highly recommend you all to get the service from Bubble Gum Wax. I've been there and they're just marvelous! In fact, I can see myself going there again ;) Their price is good too, not too expensive I say. Here's the full price list :

Please download this picture if you can't it see clearly. I scanned the leaflet for my readers ^_^

Are you a first timer like me? Here's a great news for you! Bubble Gum Wax is currently having a promotion for first timers, where you can get your first trial for RM28 only! Hurry fast! Make your appointment today coz the Bubble Gum Wax phenomena is getting hotter! If you call on Wednesday, they might be fully booked for the weekend :p  *they have a new promo for IPL too!

For more info on Bubble Gum Wax, click the link below ^_^

Facebook page :

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  1. wow thanks for info, hehee.. not try wax before.

    come join my giveaway


  2. You're welcome Sherry ^_^ Go try it now while they have promotion, I hope you'll love it!


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