Beauty Clinic Mediheal ADE Pumpkin Mask review

Monday, November 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

I'm guilty for not wearing face mask for a long time due to my busyness >.< So today I'm back with a review on a mask that I wore a day before. It is from Beauty Clinic Mediheal, a trusted sheet mask brand from Korea. The name is ADE Pumpkin Mask. See how cute the packaging is? It resembles a drink container with a straw!

This mask is aimed to take care of our face line and also enriched with revitalizing properties for our skin. See the functions on the left side of image below? They checked the box that shows this mask's property. There is a step by step instruction too, in Korean language, which I obviously cannot read or understand :p

Oh, this mask too is a lifting-up mask that can make our skin smooth and more elastic. However, surely all of you know that in order to get that result, you have to wear the mask at least 7 to 10 times in a row. That means a mask per day or per 2 days, depending on your pocket and also your discipline. 

When I took the mask out, it is 100% drenched in essence (thank God it doesn't drip) and I found that apart from being a plain mask sheet, it has a printed pattern which resembles DNA spiral.

sorry for the different lighting =_='' my skin didn't turn whiter magically after wearing the mask okay?

Result :
After wearing the mask, my skin felt a lot smoother and moisturized. I really love the after effect! Lines are reduced and pores get smaller too ^_^ I hope you can see the difference in the above pictures. Sorry for not putting a whole picture of my face, it's the raging hormone time I don't wanna share it here XD oh another one thing I found out after wearing the mask is that the whiteheads popped out. It was just at my nose and its left + right side. You can see a bit of it in the AFTER picture.

Verdict :
This is an excellent mask in term of making our skin smooth and reducing the fine lines as well. My skin also love the bouncy feeling it got after I took the mask off. Rating? 4/5 stars! If only the smell could be a bit sweeter coz the smell is slightly weird, or shall I say pumpkin-ish? But don't worry it does not really smell bad after all :) Hehe

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