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Monday, November 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello people!

Today I went to class very early, like an hour early because le bf has to go and service the car. So I waited obediently in an empty class, updating my blog and when 1030am comes, my class rep arrived saying that our lecturer is sick and the class is cancelled (T_T) takpelah, that means I can do more blog post, hehe!

So, I saw the latest update on The Butterfly Project Malaysia facebook page about our December project, which is Santa Hermo Hear My Wish ^_^ click on the link to learn moreeee~

Since I never had the chance to celebrate Christmas, let alone receive a Christmas present, I think I wanna try my luck this time. Dear Santa Hermo, can you please grant my simple wish list? I have been a very good girl this year, I achieved a lot too ;) 

I wish for :
Laneige MultiBerry Yogurt Repair Pack (RM80)

I never own any Laneige products, so I guess MultiBerry Yogurt Repair Pack would be the perfect gift for me. It would be so much fun to get our dreamed item as a gift ^_^ I hope Santa Hermo knows that I'm a yogurt and berry lover too! I read a lot of positive reviews on how it helps making skin smooth, and I wish for a smooth skin to celebrate this festive season! I really would love to experience the happy and relaxed Christmasty feeling when applying this yogurt repair pack on my skin, so please dear Santa Hermo, make my wish come true :D

Psstt, do you know that Hermo.My is having a great Christmas sale special for their customers? Yes!! There will be limited edition gift cards, spin to win and also super value Christmas set (I'm sure you all will be deeply interested with the sets!). So what are you waiting for? Log on to hermo.my now and shop for your Christmas before all the good things are gone!

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