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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Have you read my first post on the ETS train and The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park? No? Click HERE and don't miss it!! In this post I'd like to share with you the coziness of The Lost World of Tambun Hotel, yeayy!!

day view
night view
reception counter
After exploring The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park earlier upon arrival, we Butterflies were brought to the hotel for check-in, which then leads to our free and easy time, yesss!! 

We stayed in the Classical Room, which can accommodate 2 pax. The room itself was very spacious, I love it! I think the bed was super single, it was very very very comfortable!! The pillows were feather soft, the comforter was very fluffy and I slept very soundly that night. It was quite some time since I got to sleep that soundly, trust me I'm a student :p

The washroom was on your left upon entering the room. It was equipped with a shower room with hot and cold shower available. The toilet was clean and everything looked spanking new in my eyes, haha! I love how spacious the area is, and the fact that they include a counter with the sink makes it easier for us ladies to arrange our toiletries there. God knows how much a woman can bring in her toiletries bag :p There's also a hairdryer, perfect for travelling ladies! It is a plus point for me, as I'm wearing headscarf and I need my hair to be dry before wearing my shawl. 

They also provide guests with a tray containing face towels, glasses, tissues and toiletries in a cute zipper bag. The bag contains :

-Body Lotion
-Shower Gel
-Toothbrush and Toothpaste
-Shower Cap

The shower gel and shampoo smells divine, I tried them during my stay. I read on the packaging and got to know that these toiletries are specially made for The Lost World of Tambun Hotel with custom ingredients. It is something special in my opinion, as the products are not from any mass production randomly bought by any suppliers. It gives The Lost World of Tambun Hotel an identity, which will be remembered by guests due to its specialty. 

Another reason to pack more lightly if you're going to stay at The Lost World of Tambun Hotel. They provide bath robes, slippers and towels for guests too! There were 2 large towels, 1 on the bed (see bed picture above) and another 1 on the rack (see picture below). Why 2 towels? One is for you to use in the room, while the other one towel is for you to bring to the water park/spa/hot springs. See how thoughtful the management is? Oh, there's also a safe storage! Store your worries away and put your treasured belongings inside it. 

The room is also equipped with a flat screen TV (Astro available) and coffee making facilities. The plugs are available too, in case you need to charge your handphone and camera. 

Guests can also request for iron in case you encountered a badly crumpled shirt incident. Just ring the front desk and within 5 minutes it will be delivered to your room. I'm impressed on how fast they work! I was told by the staff to just leave the iron and ironing board outside my room once I no longer need them.

the view from my room window. sorry can't get a better angle :p
There's a complimentary WiFi too for The Lost World of Tambun Hotel guests. Well, they know the importance for us to always stay connected ^_^ Love them!

For your information, all room rates are inclusive of :
-2 local breakfast at The Garden Terrace
-2 complimentary tickets to the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by Night

Extra beds :
-RM60 nett
-inclusive of breakfast
-complimentary ticket to the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by Night

Day use rate :
-RM 150 nett
-stays from 12.00 noon to 6.00pm

Click HERE for reservation and room rates!

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