The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

This is the post that I'll enjoy doing so much special for everybody :D Why? Because I'm gonna tell you about how marvelous and exciting The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa is!! In fact, if I were given the chance to bring 1 attraction back home, I'll choose the hot springs. 

The hot springs here is open from 6pm to 11pm. The 7 pools that awaits here are Crystal Pool, Infinity Pool, Top of The World Pool, Foot Spa, Saphira's Lair, Lost World Steam Cave and Saphira's Baby Pool. Besides the pools, other attractions are The Geyser of Tambun and Crystal Spa.

1. Crystal Pool

This small pool was reserved for us Butterflies that night. It's a 40 degree Celsius closed pool (surrounded with brick walls and trees). There's also a table with canopy and chairs.

The name was given due to its crystal tiled floor that will glimmer in the sun and by nightfall it will be bathed with colorful lights, giving your dip in this pool a very exquisite and relaxing experience. Crystal Pool can be reserved as VIP pool for private functions.

Crystal Pool was reserved for our private party that night :D

2. Infinity Pool

This pool got its name due to its wide area, which can accommodate up to 300 people at a time. There's the Lost World Steam Cave connected to it. A bar too is set up just beside Infinity Pool. 

I really love this pool at night due to its pretty blue and purple lights. The dim yet vibrant colors made my dip very relaxing, plus there was not many guests as it was Sunday night, making me feel like a queen there :p The atmosphere there was indeed very serene, and I recall nearly falling asleep while dipping there, hahaha!

the entrance. the bar is on its left.

3. Top of The World Pool

This pool is located at the very top of The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa. It is a 43 degree Celsius jacuzzi pool with massage water jets acting as therapeutic hydro-massage for muscles, joints and pressure points.

I was there with Sheila and Norfa. We can only be inside it for 15 minutes and cool down outside for at least 5 minutes before going back in. I really love the jets of hot water 'attacking' my body as it feels like you're being massaged. It took Sheila and Norfa twice to remind me about the 15-minutes rule and make me go out of the pool, hehe!

4. Foot Spa

Think you can only dip and rest in the hot springs? Naah, your feet needs some love too! This foot spa is specially designed for visitors to get a reflexology in hot water. The water inside this reflexology pool is 40 degree Celsius.

selfie with Sheila and Norfa :D yeah that's our makeup free face.
photo credit : Sheila Salim

For optimum effect, visitors are advised to go around the pool for 5 times straight. I did it with an uncle I can call grandpa and he completed 5 rounds wayyyy faster than me >.< Shame on me I know. I'm not used to doing reflexology and my feet felt so painful walking on the stones. I had to restrain myself from quitting it halfway through. 

5. Saphira's Lair & Saphira's Baby Pool

Saphira's Lair was originally designed for children and Saphira's Baby Pool for toddlers with parental supervision. With temperatures ranging from 37-40 degree Celsius, the pool is 'guarded' by lion statues pouring hot water from its mouth. To suit its function for children, Saphira's Lair is decorated with colorful lights and I swear that this one is the prettiest pool of all at night. 

Saphira's Lair was the very first pool I went into in the evening. I was a bit shocked and first refused to get in coz of the hot water. But Sheila and Norfa coaxed me, saying that I have to dip in slowly to make my body accustomed to its temperature. They were true, after several minutes I was the one who doesn't want to get out of the pool :D

6. Lost World Steam Cave

Welcome to my favourite sauna! In this steam cave, detoxification will happen, leaving your skin clean and refreshed :) I can feel my pores enlarging there XD My body felt very refreshed once I'm out of the cave. Visitors are advised to be in the cave for only 5 minutes per session to avoid....errr...overheating? heee~

since it's a steam cave, everything went misty inside

I actually spent nearly 2 hours jumping in and crawling out of all the pools there, hehe! I really enjoyed myself to the max, thanks to Sheila and Norfa for accompanying a hyperactive kid like me :D I never thought that hot springs would be so much fun ^_^ I wish I live nearby Tambun so that I can be a VIP member and dip in the pools every day at a special rate!

That evening, apart from soaking our tired body into the hot springs, there were also several other activities that us Butterflies got to enjoy :D Thanks to Henry, our official photographer from I.Am.Studio for taking the pictures below! I did not bring my camera along that night, it was safely tucked in a locker coz I can't bring it to the pools :p

The night wasn't silent though we were surrounded by the huge limestone formation. The Lost World of Tambun band sang a lot of great songs, and I'm sure all the band members have entertainer's blood, they're not boring at all!

There was BBQ for us! I can still remember how tender and juicy the lamb was. The fish and chicken too, everything was cooked to perfection and the marinade was just right :D awesome cook they have there ;)

photo credit

 photo credit 

photo credit

photo credit

photo credit

Fortune telling booth service for anybody who are curious about what lies ahead for them ;) The fortune teller's name is Thai Po Po (on her name card, she's based in Subang) and she is a very kind lady, I got to chat with her before the booth closes.

We got to experience a complimentary head and shoulders massage! It was amazing, I nearly fell asleep though there were several points that really hurt when the masseuse massaged me. I hope when I visit there again I'll be able to get a full body massage!

Since we were exposed to sunlight the entire day, we were given the opportunity to try the chocolate scrub and mask on our hands! The scrub and mask has whitening properties and true to its claim, they did make our skin a tone brighter :D 

Some of us even got to try the mask on our face too, including me. I went back to the hotel that night with a 'cleaner', brighter and fresher face ^_^ the staff in the above picture did the mask on my face, and she told me to exfoliate my skin regularly to avoid dull looking skin.

makeup free me in my Leopard Butterfly wrap after the hot spring & spa session ^_^


The next morning we had breakfast at the Garden Terrace before departing from The Lost World of Tambun. The breakfast served was very scrumptious, I rarely get yummy breakfast from hotels so this one is definitely a five star!

The choices of food was excellent, you can get either local or western breakfast set here. Fruit juice, coffee and tea was served too. The food preparation area was open for guests' view too, so you can practically see how the staffs there work in the morning :)

 Butterflies at Breakfast!

After breakfast, we went for check out and gathered at the lobby while waiting for the bus to come. 

We got to visit the souvenir shop first before saying goodbye to The Lost World of Tambun and their friendly staffs. I bought some keychains for my loved ones in KL, and also that thing on my head :p

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Ipoh. I had a great time spending my weekend with my fellow Butterflies at The Lost World of Tambun :D Thanks a lot to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, The Lost World of Tambun, and KTMB for giving me the opportunity to experience a getaway that I'll never forget!

To all, I'd like to say that The Lost World of Tambun is definitely a gem of Malaysia. Go there and experience the excitement with your loved ones! I hope my posts about this getaway can benefit everyone around the world who wishes to visit The Lost World of Tambun, and anybody who wants to have a ride on the train by using KTMB's service. 

The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa website
The Lost World of Tambun official facebook page
The Butterfly Project Malaysia official facebook page
Official Photographer I Am Studio

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