The Lost World of Tambun Getaway : ETS Train and Theme Park

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^

September 22nd and 23rd was the best days of my life! Why? Coz I got selected to join the Getaway Trip with 29 bloggers of The Butterfly Project Malaysia, wohooo! Thanks a lot to my fairy butterfly-mother, Tammy and the SWAT ladies for accepting my cute appeal to join the getaway :D 

We Butterflies gathered at 7.30am at McDonald's KL Sentral before we boarded the ETS train at 8am. 

Fyi, our return ticket for this trip was sponsored by KTMB. All of us were very thankful to KTMB for providing us with a very comfortable Gold Class coach, equipped with comfortable seats, clean and functioning toilet on board, and also a canteen for those with grumbling stomach! No zigzag road that can make us dizzy, no traffic jam that can bore us along the journey, how sweet! 

We got a welcome speech by KTMB's representative before the journey starts! The ticket for ETS Gold Coach from KL Sentral to Ipoh costs only RM35, and the coaches are all equipped with air-cond. There's also tv screens on the walls playing Mr.Bean cartoon but in a muted version, hehe~ For Economy Class, the ticket is RM28 each.

For those who would like to travel by train, you can now plan your journey at home as they do have online ticketing service. Just visit KTMB's website and roam around where you find most suitable ;)

I got to sit with Sabby! Please excuse my tired face, I didn't sleep well that night before, my excitement was beyond normal level :p

picture credit : Farisha Nadia

During the journey, we were surprised by The Butterfly Project team with a beauty bag a.k.a travel kit, which was undoubtedly prepared with love! I was genuinely very happy and excited to receive the travel kit, like a kid waiting for her Christmas/birthday present, hehe! See how happy we were??

hi babe, I'm your new travel companion!
Inside the pretty bag were 10 items crucial for a beauty blogger on vacation. A separate post will be up soon, special for this travel kit ^_^

Upon our arrival at Ipoh KTM Station, we were greeted by 2 cheerful poster bearing guys from The Lost World of Tambun, Syawal and Firdaus. A bus from Ipoh tourism was already waiting for us, with cold scented towel to refresh our tired faces, how sweet!

Along the 20 minutes journey from Ipoh to The Lost World of Tambun, Syawal and Firdaus told us about some places of attraction in Ipoh, which we could see from our windows. Ipoh was a merry town I shall say, I love the old buildings there as it exudes a historical aura, something special that you can’t get in all places.

Finally the bus took a halt at The Lost World of Tambun and everyone was beginning to get very excited! We were greeted by the Marketing Director, Angeline and her team of sidekicks. Everyone was so happy to finally be there :D

The first view that greeted us inside was The Jungle Wave Pool and The Amusement Park, which is just like a mini fun-fair. 

The Amusement Park features :
1. Adventure Express - tram for touring around the theme park

2. Giddy Galleon

3. Dragon Flight
photo credit : Sabby Prue

4. Perak Parade

5. Storm Rider

6. Lupe's Adventure

click HERE for more info on the Amusement Park.

They took us to Kepura Cave for lunch, a magnificent limestone cave suitable for special events. Before we indulged into the savory lunch, there was an introduction to The Lost World of Tambun, our project and followed by a briefing about our activity that afternoon.

We first visited the Petting Zoo and got the chance to ride the tram. The ranger in charge, Ranveer introduced us to all the friendly animals: D There, visitors are allowed to feed the animals and they will eat straight from your hands, don’t be afraid as they’re all well trained (they really obey the trainers, I’m deeply impressed) and very tame indeed.

This raccoon is called Acucu and he is very friendly. He listened to Ranveer very well, took sunflower seeds from our hands and he was very cute when he ate the seeds! I wish I can bring him home, hehe

This one is Acucu's friend!

The Serpentarium houses some venomous and dangerous snakes from all over the world.

There were also different types of birds from various parts of the world too. Ever heard of Silkie Chicken? As peculiar as the name, this is no ordinary chicken with feathers, they have furs instead! The Petting Zoo kept on amazing me when I saw these birds colorful birds with fancy head gears :D

Next we went into the area where the birds are not caged and they walk/fly freely among us. The birds will fly and sometimes rest on your camera, head, shoulders and arms, you can even get a peacock on your arms too!

Other than that, visitors will get to see rare species of animals that are not all can be found in Malaysia, or animals with limited population in the world. I recall admiring the unique Alligator Snapping Turtle, Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman Alligator, feeding the deer, taking picture with the python, watching Innanie try to wake the sleeping hedgehog and seeing the rangers feed the monitor lizards. There was a lot more than that!

Longkang Fishing is where you can try your luck in fishing. They’ll provide you with small pails and fishing nets, and this is a fun activity to be done with your family or friends!

image from Blog Coklateyes

We also stopped by the Marmoset Tree House to see the marmoset that dwells among the trees. 

The parrots there, Wira (red parrot) and his shy friend (blue parrot) were such a good pair of entertainer. These parrots really listen to the rangers here, and Wira the hyperactive parrot danced to the left and right for food from Edazz :D what a cheeky creature!

Just look at our happy faces! Exploring the Petting Zoo and interacting with the animals really made our day :D

We were told by the rangers there that apart from keeping the animals in the petting zoo, they also have a Rain Forest Trail in a swamp area, complete with wooden walkway and food stations. The place is surrounded by natural forest, and animals living out there like the monkeys will come for food at 3pm, in case they failed to find their own food. 

Next is the Tiger Valley which houses a few species of cats. They’re all in their respective cages, and visitors can get the opportunity to watch them being fed and also some shows at scheduled time. One thing that I picked along the visit, the tigers here was trained with music. Different music gives them different cues. For example, in the evening, the staff played a disco song, the 2 tigers got up from lazing on the grass and walked towards their indoor cage, meaning that their day has ended and it’s time to get inside. It reminds me of a behavioral theory I learned in some subjects, which is the Pavlov’s Dog theory. 

photo source : Blog Coklateyes

There's a swan lake too! You can rent a paddle boat and feed the Koi fishes. They sell the fish food in packets to visitors, and trust me the Koi fishes are very big! There are thousands of them in the Swan Lake. 

photo credit : Sabby Prue 

See the two geese in the picture above? They made a lovely couple! They were together all the time, never separated. I was there with several Butterflies at 6pm to feed the fishes, and these two geese came to us for food too, hahaha! Koi fishes, swans and geese, wonder why there's no duck to complete the quorum. 

photo credit : Sabby Prue

After the Petting Zoo, we visited the Tin Valley for "mendulang" activity. Visitors get to learn about the tin mining process back during the colonial era. You can get a hands-on tin mining experience taught by the staffs there, and our Butterflies tried it too! The attractions of Tin Valley are :

1. Dulang Washing - learn the process of obtaining the tin
2. Tin History Walk - equipped with educational boards regarding the tin mining era
3. Tin Trail - learn how tin is mined and see the artifacts in the Galeria
4. Tin Bearers - Life sized elephant statues, showing the mode of transporting the mined tin

We then had our tea time at The Dulang Tea House, a kopitiam style dining place under the shade of a huge limestone formation. There were coffee, ayam kampung half-boiled eggs, dried sugar bread and buttered toast. Everyone went silent while eating because the meal was too marvelous and scrumptious! This is a MUST VISIT place when you go there, promise me you'll have your tea at The Dulang Tea House :D

image source : Blog Coklateyes

Next we got to roam around the entire ground of The Lost World of Tambun on our own, but with a task! This Photo Treasure Hunt Activity required us to take group photos in front of several main attractions' signboard like the water park attractions, the hot springs, Ipoh Street, Lupe's Adventure Roller Coaster, Tiger Valley and Team Building Park

At the team building park, there are activities and packages available for adrenalin junkies and for those who wants to overcome their fear of height! Suitable for individual, family or company trip, the activities include :

1. 13 High Rope Course
2. Leap of Faith (Para Jump)
3. Wild Woosey
4. Via Feratta With Natural Abseil
5. Zip Line
6. 6th Mile Tunnel
7. Super Adventure Race
8. Kayak Mania
9. Triple X Challenge

click HERE for more information on The Team Building Park 

At Lupe's Adventure, you'll be able to enjoy a ride on the roller coaster, which is the first roller coaster in Perak!

At Ipoh Street, you'll get to enjoy the specialties of Ipoh like the pomelo fruit, Ipoh White Coffee and putu mayam at affordable prices! Don't forget to lepak here okay ^_^

Lastly is The Water Park, which offers a lot of exciting pools and rides for you to enjoy. Do not worry about your safety, they have numerous lifeguards on duty and tube rental is available too. Among the features of The Water Park are :

1. Sand Bay & Jungle Wave Pool
 photo credit : Sabby Prue

2. Kids Explorabay

photo credit : Sabby Prue

3. Tube Raiders

4. Cliff Racer

5. Adventure Rivers

Us Butterflies didn't really get to get to play at all the water park attractions due to time constrain as the Theme Park close at 6pm. I managed to play with some Butterflies at the Jungle Wave Pool and Kiddie Pool, hahaha! It was so much fun getting to play with water after racing around the theme park. I'm gonna come back to enjoy the Adventure Rivers, Cliff Racers and Tube Raiders!

Our journey around the lost world ends at 4pm, and we were brought to the hotel for check-in, yeayy!! I'm ending this post now, and I'll be back for Part 2 (The Lost World of Tambun Hotel) and Part 3 (The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa). 

Overall, The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park is a MUST VISIT place for everyone. Go with your family members, make a class/office/company trip or even go there for a short honeymoon, I assure you it will be a totally worthy experience! As for me, I'm coming there again for sure :D I have been telling my friends and family members on how awesome the experience was and how I want everyone to experience The Lost World of Tambun like I did. How about you? 

The Lost World of Tambun :

The Butterfly Project Malaysia :


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