Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact Review

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Today I'll be doing a simple review on Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact. I bought this Oil Control Pact from Etude House on its last day of Buy 1 Free 1 Malaysia Day Sale last September. The other item I got for myself was a jar of clay mask, which will be reviewed soon ^_~ 

Being an oily-faced girl is quite a problem to me. Yeah who loves shiny face right? My face gets oily very fast, and it is a necessity for me to bring oil blotting paper wherever I go. So far, I am still unable to find BB creams, CC creams or foundations that REALLY helps in controlling the oil secretion on my face, no matter how they claim that the product has oil control properties =_=''

So buying this Oil Control Pact was kinda suicidal to me at first coz I've never known about its existence, never read any review of it and never seen any of my friends using it. But as I need to buy another 1 item for the B1F1 and I don't need another BB or CC cream, I decided on this one instead. 
The size of this powder is very small and compact. It fits my small palm perfectly. The compact's surface is matte, with Korean language descriptions on its back. 
Inside the case, there's a round mirror, like all normal compact powder, and a sponge is also included so you don't have to find a different sponge. 

The product is in the form of white powder, but upon application it will not make you extra whiter or whatsoever, it is just the same as any translucent powder. It does not contain any shimmery particles too.

The smell of this Oil Control Pact is very sweet. I kinda love the fragrant so much, it makes me happy ^_^ The total product on the pan is 8grams. 

Moving up to its performance, Dear Girls Oil Control Pact really lives up to its claim of controlling oil secretion on face. When I have it on my usual CC cream or foundation, I found my face getting oily 1 to 2 hours later than usual. There is some oiliness sometimes, but I can say, around 70% reduced than the normal oiliness.  

This product does not give me any irritation or breakouts too. The need for reapplying is only when I get sweaty. If I were to stay in air-conditioned atmosphere for the whole day, then I don't find the need to reapply. The only drawback of this product I think so far is the hefty price tag, for a student's budget. 8g worth of product with price of RM50+, I think it is quite expensive. However, the fifty plus price is only at Etude House Outlets. You can get it around RM30+ at online sellers, but then you'll have to be wary of its originality. If you want to buy Etude House products online, try Hnc Unifirst

Overall, I give this product 4.5/5 star :)

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  1. It's nice product, for people who has problems with oily face :-)

    Thank you very much for the information about Magic Chic. When I saw your note I was dewastated. I was hoping that she'll be back to good health. I love to read her blog and writing with her. Once again thak you very much for informations T_T

  2. cute design tu'

    1. i know right ^_^ sekali tengok terus terpikat, hehe


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