Tampil Lebih Cerah di Hari Raya dengan Fair & Lovely by SyafiqahHashimXOXO

Friday, September 06, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone! Well this is a surprisingly unexpected post, as I saw an announcement made by my fellow friend Syafiqah Hashim on her facebook :D She's searching for another 4 lucky bloggers to win a hamper by Fair & Lovely. So, I think why not? I should give all my support to her aite? Hehe, I met Syafiqah way back in 2010. We were in the same team at PLKN, got separated when the camp ended and now we meet back in the blogging world, what a coincident! 

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So here comes the entry's spotlight ^_^ I must answer these questions first :

1. Kenapa anda ingin tampil cerah di Hari Lebaran Tahun ini dengan Fair & Lovely?
[Why do you want to appear fairest on Eid with Fair & Lovely?]

It's because I want to look great as it is one of the key to happiness during this festive celebration and then further increase my confidence ^_^ My skin got tanned already due to my involvement in archery and also my kemalasan to apply sunblock, hehe. So I hope that with Fair & Lovely, I will get to be as radiance as Snow White :D Heyy, my friends even used Fair & Lovely when they get sunburned due to sports, so why can't I ? 

2. Include my Raya picture in this post :

3. Lengkapkan slogan "Fair & Lovely dapat membantu saya tampil lebih cerah di Hari Lebaran Tahun ini kerana
[Complete the slogan "Fair & Lovely can help me to look fairer this Eid because..."

Fair & Lovely can help me to look fairer this Eid because I am now not using any specific whitening skincare products. I have never tried Fair & Lovely before this, and I hope by winning the products can help me discover a new solution for my not-so-fair complexion ;) With the advanced multivitamin, vitamin B3, vitamin C derivatives, vitamin E and the ability to hydrate, I believe Fair & Lovely is the savior of my dark and uneven skin tone!!

To my lovely Pika, thanks for hosting this giveaway (thanks to Fair & Lovely too), and special thanks too for the second chance of extending the duration ^_~

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