Review : Beauty Clinic Mediheal-Overlab Green Tea Real Powder Mask

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Phew, can you see how long the name of the mask I'm reviewing in this post? Haha! It's a face (sheet) mask from Beauty Clinic Mediheal that I received in my August Beauty Box from HiShop Malaysia ^_^ The mask is called Overlab Green Tea Real Powder Mask

It is in the soothing care range, and the green tea powder sheet mask used is helpful for skin's elasticity, provides the freshness and efficiency of ingredients and adds the closeness and nutrition of skin, with the synergy effect of the concentrated essence.

Without further ado, let's see how this mask worked on me ^_^

*Caution : My skin is currently not in its best condition, due to my raging hormone. Time of the month la, normal for all women of the world, but I dont know about those from the underworld :p

This mask is not pre-soaked with essence like the ordinary masks. The mask sheet is separated from the essence, and this is the first time I encountered with one ^_^ Users will have to squeeze the essence to the top compartment of the package, only when you want to use the mask. 

printscreen from Hishop website

why my lashes looks like they have mascara on? >.<

the mask is so wide ^_^

the shine is caused by the serum, they're so concentrated and lambat kering
In my opinion, this mask is really hydrating, it makes my skin feel plumper and softer but I dont really see any difference on blemishes. 

The essence is very thick, true to what they claimed. Upon application, I detected quite a strong scent of tea, and I love it as it is very relaxing. I also experienced a cooling sensation during my 20 minutes rest while wearing the mask.

Overall, there's nothing wrong with this mask and it lives up to its claim of helping with the skin's elasticity. Do give it a try! 

Price : RM9.90 per sheet (25ml)
Where to buy :

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