Ms.Rosy Tea Party with L'oreal & The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^ I have been to a tea party with my fellow Butterflies of The Butterfly Project Community, thanks to L'oreal Paris Malaysia ^_^ It was held at the loveliest cafe I ever stepped in, Angelic Tea & Scones House at Hartamas Shopping Center. 

From afar I could see the Eiffel Tower and Miss Rosy neatly waiting for our arrivals. The sight was pretty, I wish I could wake up to this every day :D

On the right side, there is a bench for us girls to sit and pose too, with lots of roses, a lamp post and a bicycle ^_^ It was very Paris like, loving the team for succeeding in decorating the cafe! *clap clap clap*

The event was held upstairs, and on the ground floor was the photobooth, DIY station and potrait station.

This is the Crafts Corner, where we got to DIY our Rosy Fairness insipred headbands. I was informed by Butterfly Illy that this Crafts Corner was prepared by the lovely L'oreal Team. Keep on reading and I'll show you how much fun we had and the end products ^_^

This is the artist of the day, his drawing of Miss Rosy was perfect!

Say hello to our Mamasan Tammy, having fun with the photobooth props ^_^ She and our SWAT ladies were very busy on that day, making sure the event became a successful one!

Then I went upstairs to see what's waiting for us, where the tea party took part. I was delighted to see how pretty everything was, as I never been to any English style cafes before this. Looking at all the prettiness reminds me of the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland ^_^ 

The L'oreal team was thoughtful enough to prepare a Ms.Rosy Makeover Station for us Butterflies, in case we need to fix our makeups, get our tresses done and look pretty for the tea party :D

And oh, they also brought in a line of L'oreal nail colors specially for us! Do you know that these nail colors are not available in Malaysia? Yes, we Butterflies got the chance to see and play with them on that day, yeayy! I wish I could have them, you know. The colors are irresistibly beautiful!

This picture was taken while waiting for everyone to arrive. I really love how sweet the setting was, with Love Story by Taylor Swift and some instrumentals playing in the air, it was truly romantic!

During the introduction to Ms.Rosy and what her secrets to Rosy Fairness are, we were given the opportunity to experience L'oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream and Night Cream. I really love the texture of both creams, they sink very fast into my skin, and left no oily feeling at all. The smell was heavenly divine too, not too strong yet not too faint. The day cream has SPF17/PA++ making it a plus point! I hope you guys will be patient enough for my next post about more secrets to Rosy Fairness okay ^_~

After the product introduction has ended, we were served with tea by the crews of Angelic Scones & Tea House. The first picture below was what arrived first. Pumpkin pastry and green curry mushroom. 

I never tried both of them, and now I'm wondering how on earth can a pumpkin pastry taste that delicious and how they make the mushroom taste like chicken? I seriously can munch plates of these goodness, I won't stop until somebody tells me to do so, hahaha! 

The tea came next with the scones, muffins and croissants. The mini croissants were the best I ever tasted in my entire life. I wish I can come back for more! Yeah, I'm a pastry sucker, I love them more than I love rice. Hehe :p

So these are what happened downstairs, where all the creativity pours! All Butterflies did not miss their chance to get themselves a headband done at the Crafts Corner. There were lots of roses, plain headbands, pearls, gemstones and hair clips for us to be creative. On the other side was the portrait corner, as you can see below Ayna was having her portrait drawn ^_^ 

Say Hi to these two Butterflies (the Sabrinas) Sabrina Tajudin and Sabrina Aziz-Bahaman who were really focused and dedicated in making the headbands! 

My headband was done by Sabrina Tajudin and she too, did a bunch of headbands for others as well, yeah we the not so artsy gals depended on her that day :p 

Finally, its time to say goodbye as the sun has set and I had to go home. I took the chance to take picture with the backbones of the Butterfly Project Malaysia, our ketua geng, Tammy, and the SWAT ladies Ayna and Illy ^_^ 

Crazy Face take 1 : I'm not crazy enough =_=''
photobombed by the artist XD

Oh before I forgot, let me share with you what Ms.Rosy sent to me shortly after the tea party ended ^_^

I would like to thank The Butterfly Project Malaysia for choosing me to join the Tea Party with Ms.Rosy ^_^ Thanks to L'oreal Paris Malaysia for the collaboration with our community and for the splendid afternoon I had with everyone. To Angelic Tea & Scones House, thanks a lot for the pretty cafe and delicious tea served to us during the tea party. Surely it was an unforgettable experience, and now I'm more confident with the secrets to Rosy Fairness I discovered ^_^

stay tuned for my next post : The Secrets to Rosy Fairness

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  1. Waa.. Rugi tak join haritu.. Anis pegi wedding kawan.. Clash dengan party ni.. Everything looks beautiful :)

  2. It was fun! Takpe Anis, there are lots of other events in the future ^_^

  3. Mieza!!! i still tengah stay tune for ur rosy post!! haha

  4. OMG Tammy sorry!! I'm in the process, sorry sangat2 >.< I'm juggling between the posts, study and exco kat faculty =_=''

  5. cute la headband Sab buatkan utk u tu =)


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