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Friday, September 13, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! My week started with lots of fun! Despite of dreading the beginning of my fifth semester as a bachelor's degree student, I managed to shoo it away with a day full of fun with my beloved pretty ladies at a makeup workshop ^_^  

Besides learning the steps and techniques to create a kawaii look using BCL products by the famous Mr.Tanabe from Japan, it was also a date between me, Sabrina and Farisha. I had so much fun spending the afternoon with them :D  

There are 4 famous makeup looks among Japanese girls, which are Shibuya girl (confident), Harajuku girl (sweet), Akihabara girl (natural) and Yokohama girl (confident/elegant). We were given a guide book on all four looks in a cute folder, and there are some tips and hints on how to create or what to focus for each looks. 

If you wanna know more about BCL products, be sure to find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don't forget to give a like and follow them ya :) Keep on reading to know what products we used during the workshop, I promise it will not disappoint you!

We were greeted by the sight of these babies lined up perfectly on the table, waiting for our eager hands to try them on ^_^  

The entire team for this workshop was flown from Japan, but some of them too are from BCL Malaysia's HQ. I'm amazed by BCL's effort in flying the team all the way from Japan, I feel very honored! I really respect the Japanese in their dedication towards work and promoting their products and services ^_^ The workshop was conducted in Japanese, and we had sweet Miss Yuko as our translator (English) on that day. She is a Japanese but has been in Malaysia for several years. 

As you can see in the picture above, Mr.Tanabe (our MUA) is the one in black attire and the sweet lady in white is the model for that workshop. The rest in pink shirt are BCL crews.

I was quite surprised to see so many eyeliners and mascaras on the table. We were then told by Mr.Tanabe that it is normal for Japanese girls to use a number of same product but different functions to complete their makeup look. Talk about precision!

For our session, Mr.Tanabe taught us on how to create the Harajuku girl look, a sweet look which focuses on gradation eyeshadow and eyeliner that slants downwards (no upward-flicking cat eye here). 

We started with a base, which is by using the face powder from Clear Last (feat Peach John). The one in pink casing is for darker skin tone while the one in black casing is for fair skin tone and it got shimmer too. It smells divine!! The peachy scent is so irresistible for me, I feel very sweet already by just applying the powder, haha! 

Mr.Tanabe told us to pick some powder with the puff, pat it on our face and then finish with a rotating motion to ensure the powders got evenly distributed and adheres well on the skin.

Personally, I think both the powders suit people with fair skin. Sunburned face like mine cannot really cope well with the color of this powder (even with the one for darker skin tone), but dont worry as there's always a solution for every problem, we have to be creative right? If you have a flawless skin then its a bonus! I witnessed how well this powder works on other girls face during the workshop, they're just perfect! 

You can get this powder at selected Watsons (the one with a Japanese corner) and SaSa outlets. 

Next, Mr.Tanabe taught us on how to draw our eyebrows. The product used was Browlash EX Water Strong Eyebrow Pencil/Liquid. It is dual-ended as you can see above, and they came in brown and black (soft tone, not jet black) color.

As a person who never draw my eyebrows, I found this eyebrow liner very useful coz of its dual ended property. Mr.Tanabe told us to start drawing with the pencil part first and then finish it with the liquid part. Use small strokes like sketching method and choose the eyebrow liner with a shade lighter than your hair color. For ladies who has colored hair, use brown eyebrow liner.

Now we have come to my favourite part, the eyeshadow pens! This is my number 1 favorite product from the workshop, hehe ^_^ I'm a sucker for brown/bronze metallic eyeshadows, and these two eyeshadow pens from BCL offer the colors that I love! The swatches are below, and my preferred ones is the pink eyeshadow pen. 

Mr.Tanabe said that for Harajuku look, we need to do gradation eyeshadow style, and we used the metallic brown color on our eyelids. I found that the pointy tip of the eyeshadow really helped me in applying my eyeshadow better ^_^ 

After the eyeshadow, we moved on with the eyeliners. There were gel liners, pencil liners (auto) and liquid (pen) liners used during the workshop. My personal favourite would be the gel liner in brown color. I applied it on my waterline and it stayed till I removed it at night when I get back home. It drizzled when I was walking outside and I sweated too while walking around after the workshop but the brown liner on my waterline does not transfer, smudge or melt. However the black gel liner on my lids did transfer due to sweating, but I yet to try it with a primer underneath.

The liquid and pencil liners are excellent too based on some bloggers' review, they stay true to their claims :) There are 2 types of each. The liquid liners have felt tip and very thin tip (more precise/sturdy than Hypersharp), both in black color. The auto pencil liner are in black and dark brown.

Macsaras! These babies are my favorite too! I never knew that Japanese girls use up to 3 mascaras just for 1 look. I labelled them already as you can see below. Firstly the hot pink tube is the mascara for volume. Next we proceeded with the pastel pink tube of mascara for curling effect. Mr.Tanabe told us to hold and press the wand a bit on our lashes' end for 3-5 seconds before letting it go, as this movement will create curls without the need of curling your lashes with eyelash curlers. This is the magic, he said :D It worked on my lashes! Finally we used the last mascara, the one in red, to elongate and separate our lashes. This one worked well too on our lower lashes, tested and approved by Sabrina :) 

These mascaras has different wands to serve their purposes. 

Finally, Mr.Tanabe told us to complete the look by using lip gloss. These glosses smell really sweet and I bet they taste sweet too, hehe! The colors are pretty, but sadly they are not available in Malaysia yet. If they're here I swear I would've buy it on the spot. I'm not a lip gloss person but when I found 1 worth buying I'll surely spend my $$ for it, hehe ;)

Another special product for the workshop was a facial scrub. The name is Tsururi Ghassoul Paste, made from Morocco Ghassoul and Andes Salt. This scrub is excellent for all skin type and it definitely helps oily skin as well. It can remove makeup too! See my test below, I swatched the eyeshadows on the back of my hands, put some scrub on it, use a rotating motion to distribute the scrub on the skin and voila!! the makeup is gone ^_^ This scrub is to be used about 2-3 times a week, and it is not too harsh either. 

Us three stooges at the back, hehehe!

A picture with Mr.Tanabe and our pretty model :)

Group picture with everybody :)

the treasures in our goodie bag :D
-Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara
-Makemania Data Eyeshadow 
-Makemania Data Gel Eyeliner in Black
-Tsururi Ghassoul Paste (mini)

Thanks a lot to BCL, Manoah and Mandom Malaysia for the invitation! I hope that there will be more workshops in the future and I cannot wait to review the products above soon

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