1st September Haul

Monday, September 02, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello ^_^ I'm doing a short update here on my mini haul today. It was a rainy day here in Melaka, but that doesn't stop me from going out and spending, hehe :D Since it was the last day of 56% sale for selected Maybelline products at Guardian, I decided to give it a look on whatever I could get for myself. My friend Mazlina also asked me to buy something for her, since she cannot go out at the moment. So let's see what I bought :)

1. Guardian Facial Cleansing Wipes (25 sheets) [RM9.90] - Buy 1 Free 1
This is my favourite facial wipes! It does not sting my face (almost all baby wipes are not gentle to my face, they stung a lot even the supposed-to-be-delicate ones like Johnson's Baby Messy Wipes =_='') and most importantly it removes makeup and leave my skin feeling fresh ^_^ I'm a sucker at this particular wipes, I always cannot resist buying it everytime I see it. Even my closest friends will ask "You already have that wipes a lot, why are you still buying it?". Hahaha!

2. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover [RM7.43] - for my friend Mazlina

Mazlina really has a serious crush on this remover, I knew it. When I attended OnlyBeauty sale at Melaka a few months back, she asked me to buy this remover. When I attended Metrojaya warehouse sale at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam, she also asked for this remover. Everywhere got Maybelline sale she will ask for this eye & lip makeup remover. Maybe I should give her a box of this remover on her next birthday XD

3. Maybelline Bold Matte by Color Sensational (Vivid Coral) [RM29.90] - for my friend Mazlina

She is hooked to the color and this is a new shade to her, I believe she will look good in it coz she has a Snow White complexion, this color must suit her well ^_^
4. Maybelline Color Sensational (Totally Toffee) [RM13.90]

I have always wanted a nude lipstick but I guess I'm too picky in purchasing. I have been contemplating on buying Totally Toffee since it made its first appearance. Thanks to the 56% discount by Guardian, I happily purchased one and I can't wait to wear it. Hope it will look good on me, I love making positive reviews ^_^

So the total of everything above was RM60.40 and I got a RM5 voucher to be redeemed within a week on a minimum purchase of RM10. I'm not waiting for a week, don't have time for that. So I took my favourite pocket tissue by Guardian coz there's a promotion for it as well. 1 pack is RM4.00++ but get two for RM6.00++. To make the purchase exceed RM10, I took Enchanteur Belle Amor Deo Body Mist, retailing at RM7.00++ Never tried this before but I'm a loyal user of Enchanteur Belle Amor perfume, I really love the scent, it suits me well ^_^

After that I went to see what's with the crowd at Dataran Pahlawan's Brands Outlet, as it is located just beside Guardian. To my surprise, a renovation sale is going on as the outlet is closing down for renovation. Dataran Pahlawan is having a major renovation progress including a fire last week and many outlets are closing down temporarily, with sales going on everywhere. At first I wanted to get the buy 2 for RM69.90 button-down long sleeve shirts but I don't know why I put them down and settle for a sheer blue tunic top and a polka dot cardigan. Mind you I'm not a fashion enthusiast who follows the trend religiously. I love fashions, I appreciate the beauty of what our talented designers are showcasing on the runway but I'm just too poor and too busy to get them according to its season or while the trend is hot. I'm the simple person who settles for what I feel nice on me ;)

The lighting was very bad until I had sore eyes, the blue tunic top (RM29.90, someone belanja me this top, thankyuuu dear!) is much prettier actually, not that blue color as what you see in the picture. Maybe I'll do some OOTD with it later, one perfect sunny day at a beautiful park full with flowers perhaps? Hehe :D

I think 90% of the reason why I took that polka dot cardigan (rm39.90) was because of the damn soft material. I don't have anything polka dot so, this basic black and white color should be safe enough for me ^_~ 

Well, there goes my rainy Sunday on September 1st, 2013. How about you? ^_^ 

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  1. Saya terlepas peluang Guardian 56% Sale. Huhu. Saya ada lipstick Maybelline CS Totally Toffee. Hehe. Btw, nice haul! :)

  2. In my opinion kan, kalau kita dah banyak stok takpe kot miss the sale sebab 56% tu untuk berapa ketul barang je =_='' untuk color sensational, 2-way foundation, eye n lip makeup remover, bb white cream dengan hypersharp sahaja. yang lain takde sale 56% pun. takpe next time Puteri boleh dapat sale yang lagi berbaloi-baloi :D


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