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Monday, August 26, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello! Do you guys do online shopping, particularly for cosmetics and skincare products? As for myself, I was a skeptical person when it comes to buying things online, coz I worried about the quality of the products (genuine or not), the user-friendliness of the website (where to click? how to pay?), whether the information displayed on website is true or not, and I'm worried too if my parcel will get lost or undelivered till the world ends >.<

However all my woes came to an end when I met HiShop ^_^ HiShop is like a true angel sent from heaven to heal all my online shopping worries. Wanna know why I said that?

1. Excellent website

I'm telling you, I would like to nominate HiShop's website as the easiest, most user-friendly and most accessible website I ever found for an online shop. I love their white background, I love how organized all the buttons are located, I love how they display the promotions and on-going sales as big as my eyes can see, I love how they put all their new arrivals on the home page so that I won't miss a thing. 

Look at this :

They have all categories of items they sale with its own drop-down menu. Do you see the word Make-Up, Skin Care, Fragrance and so on? This is what you'll get upon running your cursor onto each of them :

HiShop has EVERYTHING sorted out specifically, and you will NEVER get lost while browsing for anything, that I can promise ^_^ HiShop also allows you to explore the brands they carry, and that is why they have been so thoughtful to include the SHOP BY BRAND button. See the magic here :

I always go for the Shop By Brand coz through it, I'm able to see what's new and definitely easier for me to see if my preferred brand, no matter what type of products they carry. Besides, I also get to learn about many products I never heard of, thanks to HiShop ^_^

2. Products : Spoilt for choices!

In the above image, you can see how many products that HiShop is currently selling. Not all the brands they carry can be found at large in Malaysian market, and this is the biggest bonus point for an online shop ^_^ Based on what I know, some of the products can only be obtained at stores like SaSa, Stage outlets, and their stand alone counters which are definitely not available everywhere and even limited in Klang Valley/KL area. Some of the products are also available at other online shops but not in Malaysia, which shipping costs a fortune and you definitely have to wait for more than a week or a month to receive the parcel, and that is not fun at all. So, why don't we all just go to HiShop's website, and buy from there? hehe!

3. Efficiency of service

My first HiShop experience was earlier this year, and since then I'm hooked! I really love how HiShop team is able to put effectiveness and efficiency in their operation, thumbs up for that ^_^ I remembered expecting my order to arrive within 7 days, as what is written on their policy. But heyy, my pink box arrives faster than that! This is because HiShop aims to send their customers' parcels on the next working day. HiShop offers a free nationwide delivery if your purchase above RM50 ^_^ this is the cheapest offer I ever found, and yes I am thankful that I met HiShop!

HiShop uses a very thick and sturdy pink box to ensure all the products inside it protected, and I never received my box dented.

The items, no matter how big or how small they are, are all safely wrapped in thick bubble wraps to minimize the chance of shattering. Here's the proof :

Another 1 point I'd like to highlight is on how friendly and effective their customer service is :) During my first purchase, I was rather paranoid and I asked a lot of questions to them. My inquiries were answered with warmth and politeness, and fast too! They surely know how to treat their customers well, I'm beyond impressed ^_^

4. HiShop appreciates their supporters, highly

If you are a follower on HiShop's facebook page, you'll be surprised on how generous they are in appreciating their fans. Giveaways on their facebook page are one of the method they practice in giving back to their supporters :) The loots to be won are very generous too ^_~ 

For bloggers, HiShop launched the Beauty Ambassador and also Affiliate Program. As you can see clearly, I'm one of them and I really enjoy and treasure the experiences ^_^ Besides the ambassador surprise packs and giveaways, I also got to join an event with Bloop, get involved in their Bloop Buddyz Campaign and it is sweet ^_^

Oh, I should never forget this. Do you know that HiShop too, rewards us with points ? Click here to know on how you can earn your points, as every RM1 spent is equivalent to 1 HiShop point. What about me? I received my points through my purchase and by writing blog posts about my experiences with HiShop. The points can be redeemed on my next purchase, yeayy ^_^ 

Improvements ?

As I am highly satisfied with HiShop since I learned about them, I only have 1 main concern that is yet to be resolved. It is about the choice of free sample(s) that customers can choose upon purchasing. During my first purchase, I got to choose samples of lotion from Nature's Lab and bases from Touch in Sol. Nowadays I only see the same sample offered every day, leaving customers with little choice like what I get earlier. I remember about sending a message to them about this and now I understand that the samples might run low sometimes, and I know that HiShop team is working hard with their brand partners to get more choices of samples for their customers. I hope that in the near future, HiShop give us a big surprise regarding this matter :)

Recommendation for HiShop

I hope that one day I'll be able to shop international makeup brands that are not sold in Malaysia (no counters at all) in HiShop. Think about having Sigma, Tarte, Sleek, NYX, Physicians Formula and many more in HiShop (I have problems in trusting individuals claiming to sell original products of these brands online, so please HiShop please, bring them in) ^_^ And heyy, what about face cleansing brushes like Olay Professional Pro-X and Clarisonic? Beauty addicts would definitely support this motion :D 

Till then!

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  1. Bestnya jadi Blogger Ambassador. Dapat barang free. Jealous tau! Dulu nak beli kat HiShop tapi cancel last minute sebab ingatkan voucher RM20 valid untuk semua. Rupanya harga Sale tak valid pula. Haha. Tapi sekarang ada produk yang saya berkenan sangat. Hehe. Oh ya, saya suka HiShop ada free samples tapi tak banyak pilihan pula. Huhu. Saya setuju dengan Mieza supaya HiShop bawa banyak produk lain. Harap2 la ada Sigma, Milani, Urban Decay, essence, Rimmel dan banyak lagi. :)

  2. haa, voucher kat mana2 pun ada syarat biasanya :) awal2 dulu saya beli kat hishop dapat pilih 2 sampel base touch in sol dengan nature's lab punya lotion, best sangat! sekarang ni dah kurang sikit attraction kat sampel, but i know that HiShop is working out on that ^_^ tak sabar kan nak tunggu diorang bawa makeup brands yang kita harapkan :D


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