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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello! Guys guys, have you heard of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Yes yes, it is the awesome beauty blogger community! This post is meant to captivate and lure them (Mamasan and the SWAT team of course!) into choosing me as one of the thirty bloggers to be part of The Quickie Getaway to The Lost World of Tambun ^_^ 

However, I cannot lure them with my sweet smiles and kenyit-kenyit mata you know, coz my essence of cuteness is not that high at the moment. So, here I am with the power of my laptop and keyboard, and of course my ability to weave words into meaningful sentences forgive this language major, she's having a mental breakdown due to the Economics subject she had to take for her minor to convince my beloved board of directors on "Why I Want To Go To The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia"

1. I haven't been to any proper vacation since I entered degree in September 2011

How sad the truth is. I practically sacrificed my freedom when I get involved as a committee member for my faculty's student secretariat. My chance to go crazy and jalan-jalan during weekends were not always there as I have duties to be carried out. While in my semester breaks, all my siblings are either at school or college, we never ever had the same holiday. Oh, all my family members went to Langkawi and Pulau Pangkor for holiday a few months ago while I was stuck in UiTM, starting my new sem :'( I didn't cry pun, sabar jelah... 

2. I hate to miss any events with my Butterflies

So far I only met my fellow Butterflies at the Massage Party we had in July. Now that I'm totally free on the date, why would I want to pass this opportunity ey? I can't imagine how kepoh everyone will get during the event. The bonding time with all beautiful girls of The Butterfly Project, sharing our passion in a perfect paradise like The Lost World of Tambun, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city...oh I feel terapung-apung already dreaming about all the happiness! See? Belum dapat confirmation pun dah happy :p ini namanya high confidence level 99999

3. I'm a damsel in distress. Please save me. 

Do you know that I didn't get to enjoy my current 2 months of semester holiday ? I attended short semester in order to reduce the burden of my 23 credit hours for the upcoming semester. Cuti raya pun sekejap je tau tak, hari raya ke-4 I dah balik UiTM, pffffffftttt. Now that I have just finished my second final exam, I am only left with a week at home. All my brother and sisters are at school, my dad is working, no family vacation for me, I cannot go anywhere on my own either. Paling jauh jalan-jalan pun keliling rumah je. 

Do you see that SOS smoke from the top of my head now? Yeah, it's calling for The Butterfly Project to save me!!!

4. The Lost World of Tambun + Hot Spring + Spa + Amusement Park + Theme Park + everything fun and nice there lah!

I have never been to The Lost World of Tambun, and I am curious to know what can I enjoy inside it. The pictures are all promising and very beautiful, and it would be greater if I can go enjoy everything with my fellow Butterflies ^_^ Plus, I am eager to add my reviewing experience and asah my skill to review places of attraction. By getting the chance to join this getaway and then reviewing The Lost World of Tambun, I definitely will do my beloved Malaysia (semangat Merdeka!!!) a favor in promoting our jewels of attraction like The Lost World of Tambun to readers around the world ^_^ 

5. I love the idea of travelling by train, thank you KTMB!

From my perspective, it is so much better to travel by a train as the seat is better than a bus, no need to worry about traffic jam/accidents, and I can go to the washroom during the journey, unlike travelling by bus. The coach is also safer to jalan-jalan stretch your legs, one thing you cannot do inside a bus. I have travelled by ETS, once. I went to Ipoh to meet my brother as he is studying there. The journey was very pleasing, no hiccups whatsoever. The seat was comfy, the aircond was very cold, the washroom was clean, the staffs on board were very gentle and friendly, and I got to see sceneries that the city can't offer! I want to travel by ETS againnnn :D

Phew, this is the lengthiest seduction I ever made for my beloved Butterfly Project!! Please, be my fairy godmother and grant my wish to join the quickie getaway to The Lost World of Tambun ^_^ I promise I'll be a good girl there, I won't run around screaming or poke people with my makeup brushes. I'll be a sweet girl, hehe~

for more info, please visit :

*pictures are all taken from Google Image, The Butterfly Project facebook and The Lost World of Tambun website unless watermarked by me*

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  1. Join jugak.. Ingatkan tak dapat join.. Good luck, for sure dapat ni :)

  2. Last minute decision ni Anis, tak tau la dapat ke tidak but praying hard to get la kan, hehe! Thanks dear, hope everyone will enjoy the trip :)


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