Review : Bloop Candy Lipstick (304)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello! I'm feeling so happy today coz finally I'm home for real. My short semester has ended, and I have around a week to laze around at home, eat as much as I can, and do anything I want till my third year starts on September 9th :) 

So today I'm proud to present you lovely readers another superb product by Bloop Cosmetics! After the pretty Bloop LV Lip Gloss I reviewed here, HiShop has sent us Bloop Buddyz a lipstick this time, and the one I received is Bloop Candy Lipstick in code 304. IT IS MY FAVOURITE SHADE!!! Actually I already have this shade, bought it a month back and I'm really in love with the color, hehe! Sometimes I do think that HiShop is a magical entity who knows just exactly what we need. Please agree with me coz HiShop is awesome like that okay :D

The packaging of Bloop Candy Lipstick is really simple. The white tube is made of plastic, with a tiny pink heart symbol, the word lipstick and bloop printed on it. I found the packaging to be quite sturdy.  

i found this on google search

As you can see, the lipstick is very slim in size and it will not be a problem to carry around. Such a convenience! Every girl needs a lipstick to be with her when she's out and about. With the right color that suits you, your confidence can hike up to level 99999999!

I have tried applying this lipstick both with and without lipbalm/vaseline as a base. I found that I like it more with a base. This is because I always have dry lips plus applying lipstick without a coat of lip balm can lead to dryness, in some cases. To all, please always practice exfoliating lips to have a smooth and supple pout ^_^

Bloop Candy Lipstick applies smoothly on my lips. The creamy texture adheres well to my lips and I love the opaqueness of the color upon layering. This lipstick has a matte finish but as I have vaseline underneath, it gives me a shiny finish :D

Shade 304 gives me a slightly different outcome with different application. Due to my pigmented lips, the color payoff is more inclined to a soft pink hue if I wear it without lipbalm. However with lipbalm, it is as you can see in the above and below pictures. I love it so much this way ^_^ Initially I thought 304 is a natural shade till I found the color guide on google image saying that 304 is coral peach, haha!

I must be more disciplined in exfoliating my lips and drinking a lot of plain water to avoid cracked lips. I found that it is not a pretty sight to wear lipstick with even a slight dryness on my lips, as the lines will get more accentuated.  That is why I always need a lip balm or vaseline to ensure my lips protected. 

Well, the weather so fine and the atmosphere was very relaxing, to be by the lakeside. With soft breeze pampering my cheeks, I can't be more than happy and high-spirited to do this review!

Okay I cant help myself from taking this picture. I was inspired by the awesome Nabilah Ismailjee, another fellow beauty blogger as I really love the pictures of her lipstick reviews. I love the pictures on her blog, they are so professional looking!

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  1. Dear, nie ke u dpt from august ambassador box? Ive missed mine...anyway nice shade matching with ur tudung:)

  2. yang ni I dapat for Bloop Buddyz Campaign, not the August box :) untuk Bloop Buddyz ni campaign dia under HiShop, and it is for 3 months. July, August, September akan dapat 1 Bloop product each to be reviewed. First review I did on Bloop LV Lip Gloss [link below] :)

  3. OMG thank you so much for mentioning me! Segan pulak rasa. Hihi. The lipstick looks so good on you! Hihi.

  4. welcome sis, thanks for ur compliment too ^_^

  5. Super love this post, Mieza! :) The colour looks fantastic on you.

  6. Thanks Mabel ^_^ yea I really love the color but the trick is I must apply lip balm first. No lip balm, the outcome will be different, hehe :p Thanks so much for sending me the shade I love, even though I didnt tell anybody I love it but HiShop knows me best ^_^


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