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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello ^_^ I'd like to share my experience of attending the Massage Party held at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care Sri Petaling in July. I was very happy to receive an invitation from The Butterfly Project Malaysia as I didn't manage to attend the June project due to some commitment.

Sri Petaling outlet

filling in the guest book
I was in the middle of a 2 week gap to my last exam paper when I attended the massage party. Yes, the gap between my third paper and the fourth (last) paper was freakin 2 weeks =_='' Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for inviting me as I really need a massage during that critical period, hehe :D

the poster of our July project!

greeted by this wonderful sight upon entering the premise

I arrived a bit late but that's not the problem as I got to mingle around with other bloggers first coz the massage rooms was currently full. As it was my first event with The Butterfly Project, I was a bit shy coz I could see that everyone there seems like they already know each other. Tammy and Ayna saved me from the awkwardness by chatting with me, introducing me to other bloggers and Tammy even helped me with a cup of tea ^_^ 

version 1 : upon my arrival, malu-malu version of mieza

The ambiance of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care was very relaxing and the decorations for the event was beautifully created by our sponsor, AskJoey. 

products used at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
props by AskJoey

cupcakes never fail to tempt us!
mother of decorations!
I wish I could enjoy the nail painting >.<
As to satisfy our grumbling tummy, Teafani Patisserie served us with a wide selection of tea delicacies, and I'm telling you the food was definitely scrumptious! I can't stop going back for the Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and the sandwiches. 

a table full of treats (and they're refillable too!)

tea (and coffee) corner

While waiting for the massage, I was pampered with a basic manicure. Since I can't wear nail polish, I had my nails filed,  buffed and massaged. I really love how my nails looked after that, and the shine lasted for 2 weeks! 

the nail parlor 
nail polish selection, making you spoilt for choices!
worry not, they offer different brands, glitter/non-glitter nail polishes for you to choose ^_^

Finally it's my turn for massage! I chose hot stone massage coz I never tried it in my 21 years of life, and based on the review I read from Tammy's blog, nobody on earth should miss this one! The massage was done upstairs, and the atmosphere was so relaxing that I really felt like sleeping. The hot stone used was said to help improve our blood circulation, reduce our stress and relax our muscles. I feel so relieved after the hot stone massage, actually I wanted more :p If you're worried whether you can stand the hot stone or not, fret not. The hot stone used will not burn your skin upon contact, and the masseuse are all well-trained and professional. They will make sure that the customers are always comfortable and you're open to request them for a lighter massage if you can't stand the pressure. 
this was what greeted us on the third floor (the massage parlour)
an illustration of how the hot stone massage looks like :)
I was also given the opportunity to try the aromatherapy massage as there are vacant rooms available soon after. This one is definitely different from the hot stone massage. There are not stones used in the aromatherapy massage, and they use aromatherapy oil to massage your body, and the pressure used by the masseuse (in my case) is greater than in the hot stone massage. The masseuse told me "bahu awak keras macam orang kerja" XD yeah, I had a rough week before the massage. Almost a week of insufficient sleep due to a final multimedia assignment in the middle of exam week =_='' Thank God, my body felt lighter after the massages, can't describe how happy I was ^_^

the massage room
I make new friends and I absolutely love them all for being so friendly, bubbly and cheerful! Nice knowing you guys Anis Athia, Sabby, Trislynn, Kak Ami Schaheera, Kak Liz (jangan marah kita panggil kakak, trust me u look very young!), Ayna and of course, mamasan Tammy :D  

picture by Photobooth Malaysia
Anis Athia, me and Sabrina

picture by Photobooth Malaysia
me again, Anis and Trislynn 

picture by Photobooth Malaysia
group photo of the morning session bloggers + newly arrived noon session bloggers

Before going home, each of us received a gift of lemongrass aromatherapy diffuser. Finally, I can enjoy the relaxing ambiance at home too :)

lemongrass diffusers lining up for us ^_^
Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project and our sponsors :

Last but not least, I just wanna share the 2nd version of me (no more malu-malu kucing) with Tammy and Ayna right before I leave the party :D

thanks guys, love u all so much!!

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