I Need To... A Short Update of My Current Life

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! It was ages ago since I last post a non-beauty related stuff here. 

I'm currently doing a short semester in UiTM Puncak Alam. I forfeited my 2 months semester break and attend classes here instead. My initial plan was to do it in UiTM Melaka so that I can stay at home like a real holiday but then something came up and here I am, "chilling" with the vast expansion of nothingness in Puncak Alam. 

This place is really big, quiet and the air is cold, definitely different than the busy and scorching hot Shah Alam. Since there's nothing interesting to visit here, I went back to Melaka every week. 

I'm taking 2 subjects in advance, they're for my fifth semester but I'm doing it now coz I don't want another "takde life" episode. Initially my 5th semester consists of 7 subjects, with a total of 23 credit hours (max). There will be 5 business subjects (minor) and 2 English for Professional Communication subjects (major). Right now I'm doing Economics and Organizational Behavior, allowing me the eligibility of 7 credits exemption next semester. 

Both my lecturers are beyond awesome! I love them to the max! They're very experienced women in their area of specialization, friendly and they shared a lot of useful information and definitely stories of life with us. What I like the most? The truth in their sayings :) Some of it were hard to digest for people who are not used to blunt truth, but thanks to my previous lecturers, I adapt well. I wish I could be as awesome as them if I were destined to be a lecturer in the future. 

I love my room here. The hostel is apartment-like. There are 4 rooms in a house, 2 students in each room. My roommate is a HR student from Johor. I'm lucky to have her around as she is a very friendly, understanding, soft and religious person. She is also very generous, always lending me her extension, hehe! The plug here is only 1 for a student and I got a laptop, a camera, and 2 phones to charge =_='' oh, plus an electric kettle when I need hot drinks. 1 plug only? die. 

Well, actually my initial plan of this post is to write down a list of things I need to do...or at least, start doing. Here they are! 

I need to...
  1. Exercise more... (stop that panting when naik tangga 5 tingkat!)
  2. Eat more... (40kg is not healthy, BMI below 18 is definitely not cool)
  3. Start planning for internship... (my choice or my dad's choice?)
  4. Blog more... (stop procrastinating like seriously)
  5. Drink more plain water... (get rid of that oily skin, chapped lips)
  6. Sleep at 12am... (blerghh, so many Economics homework)
  7. Save more and spend smartly... (thank you Economics lecturer for the advises)
  8. Get solid A's for Economics and Organizational Behavior... (paid RM500, don't get other than A or A+)
  9. Start listing out things for moving in to rumah sewa... (say goodbye to hostel, finally)
That's all for now I guess. Forgive me for the simple use of language. Maybe it doesn't reflect my major at all, I know. I just don't have the intention to make my brain even more haywire with complex structures. I got an Economic test tomorrow, pray for my success please!

Do you have any suggestions on how to gain weight?
And heyy,
Don't cut your fats for me, it doesn't work that way 

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  1. good luck in achieving your target babe :) n yes list always helps to keep you focus :)


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