Eid-Outfit and Makeup

Friday, August 09, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello!
I'd like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 
It's the second day of Eid today for us Malaysians
I visited my uncle's house, and I'm very happy to get the opportunity to meet my niece and nephews
Not to be forgotten my cousins, their spouses and definitely my sweet uncle and auntie

Here's my Raya outfit, a pair of orange peplum dress and mermaid skirt
It was a bit tough searching for outfits that could fit me nicely as my frame is very small
I'm glad that I found this pair, it fits me nicely, the color is vibrant and the beading is marvelous
Thank you to my mom for suggesting it to me, I really love it ;)

Err well, I'd like to show my very humble makeup for today
I did it in a very express way as my dad wanted to avoid the traffic jam
*Melaka's road are small and damn congested during festive season*
So, if you see any imperfection on what I did, please dont make fun of me XD
I'm a newbie in applying makeups anyway, I always bantai suka hati on how I do it

I really love that Red Porcelain lipstick from Maybelline on my lips ^_^

Eyes : Elianto eye primer, Maybelline Color Tattoo (Bold gold layered with Tangerine Orange), Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen, Maybelline Rocket Volum'Express Mascara

Face : Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in Golden Beige (320), Elianto Sheer Loose Powder in Natural Beige, Avene Thermal Spring Water

Lips : Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Anti-Oxidant Berry, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Red Porcelain

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  1. salam kak, sorry nak tanya something yang tak related langsung dengan post akak ni. haha. im gonna be your junior at uitm. ambil EPC jugak for degree. Boleh tak nak interview akak sikit pasal course ni? Kalau mula2 masuk ni kena prepare apa ye? I mean, buku buku ke?

  2. salam dear, heyy heyy welcome to EPC! you've found the right person to ask about EPC, glad that u found my blog ;)

    to answer your questions about how/what to prepare in joining EPC :

    1. laptop, alat tulis, foolscap paper, A4 paper, sticky notes. TEXTBOOKS-kena beli, but wait for your lecturer's instructions on what book they want u to buy. You dont wannna buy? I'm giving away mine for free, just tell me what textbooks u will need okay :)

    2. English dictionary, thesaurus (preferably the latest edition, please)

    3. You'll be taking third language, so you can start thinking of what u wanna learn (mandarin, japanese, arabic, french, German, korean). however do take note that I do not know what language they'll offer for your batch though, sometimes they dont open all classes. I took mandarin btw, hard ass coz I'm a lazy bum.

    4. ada sijil PLKN tak? kalau ada, make copies, crucial for koku exemption untuk semester 1 sahaja. kalau takde PLKN, then you'll have to join Kesatria, or any other unit beruniform. you can choose either to join this kawad2 thingy for just 1 sem (then semester 2-3 you can change to other clubs) OR join the unit beruniform for 3 semesters (koku is wajib for all UiTM students from sem 1-3) OR if you are interested, sign up for unit beruniform sampai habis belajar, which means, free kolej kediaman (sem 2-akhir, if you tak langgar any peraturan and pointer tinggi setiap sem) and ada kursus kenaikan pangkat.

    anything u wanna know, just ask it here, or add my facebook Mieza Everdeen okay? we can discuss anything about EPC, and I'll add you into LG220/240 fb group as well. if u just wanna ask here, i prefer u write it down in numbers (1, 2, 3, so on..) so that I can give you a detailed explanation, and most importantly, not mixed up so that u wont get pening kepala okay ?cheers!

  3. Ya Allah kak, thanks for the very very fast reply. Haha. Mcmni, actually saya ni science student before ni kat sekolah & matrik, tiba tiba dpt offer utk buat Bach. in EPC. So mcm takut la jugak, taktau nak bljr pasal apa plus im not thaaaaaaat good in english. So nak tanya akak punya personal opinion.

    1. Course ni susah ke tak?

    2. Senang ke nak score in each subject?

    #. Subject apa paling susah?

  4. Well, I myself did pure science when I was in STF :) my bestie in EPC right now pun did pure science in MRSM, took matriks biology, and now buat degree EPC (dapat DL, no problem) sebab dia minat English even though dia score kat science stream.

    How come did u end up dapat EPC? Did u put it as 1 of your choice in UPU or not? It's crucial to love what you're doing, esp in tertiary education. Doesn't matter if you think you're not good in English (I myself am still learning coz I know I'm not that good in English), that can be solved if you rajin and ikhlas nak belajar ^_^

    Doing EPC needs that student to love it so that life doesnt turn into hell. In EPC, we learn English, Professional Communication, business and a chunk of multimedia. I advise you to visit this page and see what you'll be learning for three years :


    (as usual, copy, paste, search)

    As to answer your questions :

    1. EPC is not that hard if you are a committed student. Rule number 1, never procrastinate. The workloads are heavy in term of assignments, so you have to be very disciplined and pick the right partner for group/paired assignment so that the distribution is equal. Seronok belajar EPC ni, banyak benda baru u akan jumpa, it gets easier if you follow what the lecturers said. Our lecturers are the best!

    2. To score or not to score, the choice is yours. In EPC, it is crucial for students to get maximum in their on-going assessments, which are the assignments. sebab usually ratio is 60:40 atau 50:50 untuk assignment:final exam. So, carry mark (markah semua assignment sepanjang before final) tu penting in helping you to score the subject.

    3. The hardest subject depends on your minat. As I said before, we have english, prof.comm, business and multimedia subjects. subjek yang ada student fail (usually dalam 1 batch tak sampai 5 org pun gagal mana2 subjek) consists of ALS422, EPC681, EPC682, and mana2 business subjects (subjek bisnes ni biasanya gagal sebab malas, bukan sebab susah).

    I hope it helps :)


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