Delicious Shawarma at Bukit Bintang

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello dearies! 

Last Wednesday I went to Bukit Bintang with a friend and my brother to have dinner after visiting my mother at IJN.  My initial plan was to introduce my brother to my favourite stall at Jalan Alor, which is Kak Ros Tomyam. It is a Malay stall in the midst of hundreds of Chinese stall. I love going there at night as the place is so lively and all the workers there are so friendly, no matter what race they are, even the non-Malaysians too :) Not to mention, the heavenly food aromas too! My favourite menu are fried kuey teow and nasi goreng cili padi, if you go there during the evening and you're looking for halal Malay food please try them! It's worth every penny. The food is very delicious and piling sky high and the price is moderate, I simply cannot resist craving for them once in a while, hehe!

found this pic at google image
However it's not my luck that day as the auntie told me that they're closing (it was just 7pm) because the cook for night session hasn't come back from Raya holiday. Man I was so sad coz we braved the traffic of KL just for the food. 

So just wandered around, looking for something halal that we can eat until we stumbled upon an Arab food restaurant called Syriana. As a newbie in Arab food, I only agreed when the boys wanted to try the shawarma sold there. The price is RM10 each. Upon my first bite, I'm hooked! I feel very lucky to get excellent food during my first time trying them. I wish my tummy have bigger space so that I can eat more, haha! They sell many other dishes as well, I hope in the future I'll be able to try more ^_^ 

the presentation is something like this, no fries included. i forgot to take picture, so, thanks again google image XD
The staffs there are all male. They are very friendly, polite and they speak good English. There is 1 person maintaining the shawarma station outside the restaurant, 1 person standing in front of the premise to greet customers and I saw 2 other staffs behind the counter, in white chef's uniform. 

guy in blue : greets and tends to customers

2 friendly chefs asking me to snap their picture XD

guy in checkered shirt maintains the shawarma station outside the premise. Look at the crowd!
The premise is very clean, well ventilated and have modern minimalist concept of furniture. They use bright lighting and white walls, I think it's to give the premise a spacious look as the lot is quite small. However, I find it comfortable to dine in as the atmosphere is very relaxing :) They provide a bottle of Arab Hot Sauce on each table (made in the UAE) but it is sour, not spicy or hot at all for a Malaysian taste bud, hehe~

I also found that customers can book the tables in advance as when we sat inside, 1 staff came to us telling that the table we chose was already booked so we just moved to the table next to it, no problem. I am so sorry I forgot to remember the road/building where this restaurant is located, I was very tired at that time >.<

So, if you are visiting Bukit Bintang and you wanna try some good shawarma, I recommend you to visit Syriana, dine there and enjoy the delicious wrap ^_^ I'll surely write more when I get the chance to try other menu, stay tuned!

Do you know any other excellent shawarma places in KL and Selangor? Please share with me in the comment/Imotiv section

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  1. Wahh, so yummy la :D And the chefs quite good looking :p

  2. you should try them one day, sedap betul ^_^ well, many Arab men are handsome so no wonder la, hehe! they're funny too, these two chefs. they make friends easily with my brother and boyfriend :D

  3. Replies
    1. yeah obviously it's you! hehe, I wonder how you find my blog, but thanks for visiting my page ^_^ the shawarma is very delicious, i'm coming back for more!!


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