Review : Juliana Francoise BB White Serum

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello ^_^ This post is specially dedicated to anyone who needs a whitening product that does not burn a hole in your pocket, safe and definitely easy to be used daily. 

Have you ever heard of Juliana Francoise BB White Serum? As for me, this is the first time I ever encountered the product. Who introduced it to me? Well, it's no other than HiShop Malaysia!! This online shop has never failed to make my beauty experience a sweet journey, with their excellent service and the HiShop Beauty Ambassador program, I can never get enough of them!

Okay lets get back to my main point, hehe~ For your information, Juliana Francoise BB White Serum is rich in EGFs, Amino-acid peptides, Mulberry Extract and L-Ascorbic Acid for immediate and long-term whitening benefits.
  • 95% experienced translucent white complexion
  • 92% saw overall improvement in skin
  • 83% saw improvement on skin smoothness
The benefits of Juliana Francoise BB White Serum are :
  • reduce uneven skin tone, pigment and melanin formation
  • regenerate skin cells with lasting glow and healthy complexion
  • repair skin damage of free radicals, pollution and make-up
  • promote fine white-smooth skin
  • strengthen skin natural resistance

It comes in a box. As you can see on the visual, it has a dropper type of applicator. However, when you first receive the product, the dropper is given separately. The bottle will first be secured with a plastic/rubber stopper and a tight cap (like the one you can see on minyak gamat bottles). I'm amazed to see how detailed they are in packing the product so that the serum will work well on its users ^_^ thumbs up!

Above pic : The ingredient's list and a note on its suitability for users (on the box)

Below pic : Application direction, storage instruction and caution for users (on the box)

The consistency of this serum is very thick and it's a bit gooey. I really love the smell as it is so sweet and soft. The serum may look milky white while in the dropper but once its on your palm, its kinda transparent actually.

the size of the bottle

the serum and its dropper applicator

the serum
The direction on the box told users to apply 2-3 drops of the serum on facial area after cleansing in the morning and night. Upon using the serum, we can also apply other lotion, our other skincare products and not to be forgotten the sunscreen. 

This serum must be stored in cool dark place in an upright position, and users are also advised to avoid direct contact between the dropper and your skin to reduce contamination. Apart from that, this serum must be finished in 3 months once it is opened.

I have been using it for nearly a month, and I can say that it works on giving me a healthier looking skin, and of course, I could see the whitening effect kicking in :) This serum arrived when my skin was in its worse condition, well, it was my final exam week and I still had a group assignment to submit, and it was a multimedia project. The sleepless nights, stress of doing assignments, worries of final exam really took a toll on my skin. It became very dull, breakouts here and there, pores getting as big as I dunno what to say and whatnot.


This serum, among other skincare products, has helped me to combat the dull skin problem, uneven skin tone, make my facial skin feel a lot softer than before, reduces the size of my pores and yes, it also helped in lightening my acne scars. I can also feel that my facial skin is less oilier than before. As written on its box, this serum is suitable to be used especially by people who live in the cosmopolitan area, with much pollution harming our skin and also for heavy makeup user who wants a product that can help their skin towards a better condition :) What more can I ask? This serum is superb!!

What surprises me more? I am now more confident in going out without any BB cream on my face, hehe~ I'm not a daily foundation user by the way, I only use them for special functions as I pity my skin :p I now usually go out with sunblock and a thin layer of loose powder, that's all. Lazy me I know, but why should I worry when I am satisfied with my skin's condition, right? ^_^

Are you hooked up already? The price of Juliana Francoise BB White Serum is only RM69 per bottle, it contains 15ml worth of serum and it is suitable for all skin type. Click HERE and HiShop will bring you to a journey of satisfying shopping experience ^_^



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Thank you so much to HiShop Malaysia for letting me try on Juliana Francoise BB White Serum. I apologize for the time I took in writing this as I'm now adjusting with short semester. Straight after my final paper ended on July 14th, I started class on July 15th for a new semester already. I am sacrificing my 2 months holiday, my supposed to be puasa at home and my supposed to be resting time for the sake of my sanity next semester. Yeah, my friends are enjoying their holidays till September and here I am, stuck in UiTM Puncak Alam (I never knew Puncak Alam is such a far away place from my main campus in Shah Alam and there's close to nothing here, shopping malls are also very far away, printing shop pun tak tau mana hala, not a food heaven like shah alam oh my patience *cry*), taking 2 subjects in advance to lighten my semester 5 burden. I'm now digesting Economics and Organizational Behaviour subjects daily. Pray so that god give me the strength to carry on and keep my excellent record going strong.

I fell in love with the Bloop lipstick I wore in this pic, I bought it the next week at Metrojaya sale ^_^


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