Review : The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll-On in Orange

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^ I'd like to do a short review today, featuring one of my favorite lip care product which is The Body Shop's Lip Roll-On (orange). 

I got this baby during TBS sale, for 50% if I'm not mistaken. I'm a sucker for lip balms as I don't really favor lipstick or lip glosses. I always found myself pondering over lip balms over the counter rather than lipsticks, hehe~ Anyways, the retail price for this lip roll-on is RM19.90 each, and the content is 10ml. This is my first time using a roll-on lip product, and I really love the fact that this lip roll-on has a metal roller ball, it gives a cooling sensation on my lips during application ^_^ 

Looking from the outside of the tube, the liquid's color is yellowish but upon application, it is colorless. It has an orangey smell which is not too overpowering, just nice. 

The Body Shop claims that this product is made from 100% natural ingredients, will leave lips feeling soft and totally kissable, has zesty citrus flavor, moisturizing, gives a non-tacky and non-waxy feeling, and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth. They also have it in flavors like coconut, mint, berry and rose. However, I'm not sure if they still have this in all outlets (Malaysia) as I can't find it on The Body Shop Malaysia website, and I also found that not all outlets that I've been to have this product on their shelves. I got this at SACC Mall's outlet. 

I found myself reaching for this lip roll-on most frequently when I'm indoors, lepak-lepak while pampering my lips with some love ^_^ It helps me in repairing my chapped lips especially when the days are very hot, when I'm kinda dehydrated due to fasting and I also love to apply it on my lips before I sleep. It is not waxy, it feels more like applying some sweet-scented oil on my lips, but it is not that oily either ^_^ So why do I like this product so much?

The product however does not last really long on my lips. Around 15 to 20 minutes prior to application (indoors) it will start to sink in, but it maintains the softness of my lips. I hope that this range is still available somewhere around, as I really would love to try the other flavors especially the Berry flavor. Coz I love all lip balms with berry flavor, and strawberry too! I wonder how does it feel to wear the coconut flavor on my lips? :D

Have you tried this lip roll-on?
What do you feel about it?
Leave your comments below!

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  1. Never tried any lip roll-on before. Sounds interesting! I love citrus-scented lip products!

  2. by any chance, if you jumpa lip roll-on ni ada jual lagi kat body shop, belilah satu ^_^ even though i can't call it a magic product,it definitely has some charm ;) the smell is soothing, it helps calm my cracked lips and definitely feel like a lip spa coz of the natural oil property :)

  3. this was my first lip blam i used, and i got it off Body Shop sales, which was like USD5?! It's also fabulous for people with sensitive skin/lips, combine it with bodyshop's lip scurb and you'll be having smooth and kissable lips in no time! :D

    1. i never knew they have lip scrub! oh well, maybe not in Malaysia I think? alas, this lip roll is an excellent product ^_^

  4. I currently Bought the Rose flavour and i love it..It gives shine like a gloss..and softness of pure oils on the lips...


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