Spa Party : Pretty Butterflies on The Way to Get Pampered!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello ! I have been meditating for quite some days to gain my strength just to make this post, hehe~ Well, for your information The Butterfly Project Malaysia will be organizing a Spa Party exclusively for 50 lucky bloggers! 

Do I want to join it ? OF COURSE! You see, I have missed a great deal of fun (bloggers events, cousins weddings, etc) lately due to my busy schedule at UiTM (padan muka siapa suruh aktif sangat). If you ask me, I rarely have the weekends to myself as there will always be things to attend to like modules, class projects, or events organized by the organizations or student's clubs. Even during the holidays pun ada project jugak,  some appearing so sudden with a mandatory presence required and I had to cancel whatever activity I had planned to do. Me iz sad :'( 

Anyhoos, I wanna forget the sad past and live the new exciting presence and future! Hehe, I'm always a positive person, but quite shy (what's wrong with my head). So you see, I shall give out 3 reasons on why I would like to attend this spa party. Here they are!

  1. The date : FINALLY. Here's something I can really join without the fear of having to do last minute cancellation. It is suitable for me to join as there will be no class session anymore. It is my study week/exam week so I definitely have the weekends to myself! My course also don't have papers on weekends (unlike other courses, poor kids) so, it's definitely safe for me to go! What? Study? Aiseh come on luv, I have been cracking my brain for the entire semester, digesting everything about English, business management and professional communication into my nearly-exploding brain so, pleaseeee gimme a break okay? This spa party will definitely help untangle the hot mess of neurons in my brain! Hehe ^_^ I've never had a manicure/pedicure before, so this is absolutely this best opportunity for me to try new things.
  2. The community : Ever since I joined The Butterfly Project, I have been praying hard day by day to meet every single one of them and have fun together! I wanna experience all the sweetness of being in the community together, to have each other's support and love :) And hey, by joining too will make me have interesting story to tell to my readers :D
  3. The sponsors :  Upon seeing the sponsor's list, I can faint in happiness! They are all established names that have been delivering satisfying products and services to their customers.  I absolutely will enjoy the spa party to the max with them supporting our event ^_^ Have a look at the brands~ 

Posh! Nail Spa

Idea Food Solution

Tres Chic Party Planner

The Body Shop


Pink N Proper

Timeless Truth

Only Beauty

and and andddd...
this is the mood board for the spa party !!

pretty irresistible, I dare say ^_~

I hope my 3 reasons are excellent enough to get me there, hehe
I salute the person organizing this fantabulous event, 
I understand that it's not as simple as "petik jari"
and I hope that The Butterfly Project community will 
forever shine this beauty blogging world ^_^

to join the excitement, visit here for more info!
psst, hoping to see you guys there!

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