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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

If people ask me "what is your favourite online shop for cosmetics and beauty care products?"
I will definitely scream HISHOP MALAYSIA !!!

You really need to know that only in Hishop.my that you will find yourself spoilt for choices. 
because they carry many outstanding brands that you will never regret to try!
Yadah, Farmasi, Baviphat, Touch In Sol, Jelly Pong Pong, 
Snail Street, Nature & Co, Skin Factory, Stage, 
these are not even half of what Hishop.my are offering to us.

Plus, when you purchase more than RM50, they will provide you with FREE DELIVERY.
And, you can also choose THREE sample sized products too with any purchase ^_^
Just tell me, how awesome can awesome be?

As an extremely satisfied customer of them, I myself would like to tell you guys that
I am definitely honored by the way their customer service treated the customers
They are the friendliest people on earth I dare say :D
My inquiries were answered with helpful information, my parcel arrived very fast,
my orders were all in tip top condition,
and I ended up a very happy customer 

Now, I'm even happier!
Wanna know why? 

I have been selected by HiShop Malaysia as their Beauty Ambassador along with many other awesome beauty bloggers

For the beginning, HiShop team had sent me a welcome pack that contained surprises specially handpicked by them!

Curious to know what I got in my welcome pack ? 
Here they are!

*please CLICK ON THE PRODUCT NAME for further information*

with flash

without flash
This lipstick totally comes with a gorgeous blue-based pink hue! I have made a review about it here. It is a definite must have especially for those with fair lips ^_^ 

Skin Factory I2.P.L White Mela-X Ampoule Mask (left) 

This ampoule silk mask helps whiten and brighten your skin. Developed by medical specialists of Hushu Clinic in Korea.

Snail Street Makeup Starter (right)

Snail Street Make-Up Starter is an all-in-one skin care product that is used just before applying makeup on your face. The Make-Up Starter is a convenient and effective product that prepares your face for makeup application. It improves your skin's appearance and texture, enhancing the appearance of any type of makeup you choose to wear. It also enables makeup to last longer throughout the day.

Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light  

Whitening skin toner that penetrates easily into the skin to fill the skin with moisture and make your wish for pure and transparent skin come true.

Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light

Goes on with a fresh texture and blends delectably into skin. Whitening lotion that leaves skin moist, creamy, and exceedingly soft to the touch.

 Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask

Tightens pores and smoothens skin texture
This cool-feeling lift mask smoothens out sagging skin
The natural clay ingredients banish dullness to produce soft, smooth skin
No artificial coloring

I would like to thank Hishop Malaysia for giving me the chance to be one of their Beauty Ambassador. I would highly recommend you guys to visit them as soon as possible and don't hesitate to purchase your favourite products from Hishop.my okay? Trust me, hishop.my only wants the best for you, that is why their motto is "making beauty accessible". Reach them fast people!  

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