Havaianas Be Mine, Please ?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There it goes, the best rubber sandals of the world?
I can't agree more, it's the truth!
I've known Havaianas since I was in high school.
Many of my friends, seniors and juniors wore it at our hostel,
*yeah I was once in a full boarding school*
and they look uber cool wearing it :D

So, why I want a Havaianas ?

First, I cannot resist their cool designs !!
they're so pretty, and color selection is wide 
I already feel like in a flip flop's heaven
They're also the provider of the most comfortable 
rubber sandal, and I haven't got the opportunity to try 'em.
 so why must I not have 1 ey?

Next, I don't even have a flip flop right now.
My old pair is already worn off and too ugly (torn here & there).
 I'm the girl who loves my sandal to be flat, and
our cool friend here Havaianas totally can offer me that comfort!

*this is my perfect flip flop*

I just love the combination of purple, pink and blue here,
they're so fun, and definitely an eye candy

so guys, why do you want a Havaianas?

check em out!

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